Epic Games has recently released the latest patch for Fortnite. There has been various updates in the game modes “Battle Royale” and “Save the World”. In addition to the usual bug fixes, this also includes some new additions that are likely to have a significant influence on the gameplay.

Difficult weather conditions

In the new mode Steady Storm, players have to deal with a storm of a different kind. In this time-limited mode, the storm does not behave in the usual way. Instead, it is constantly moving towards the center for over 15 minutes. There is no safe zone, so the players must watch the storm vigilantly and save themselves in time to reach the center of the storm. If the player falls into the storm, he/she suffers ten damage per second. Remember that profile statistics (kills/deaths and victories) and challenges will be tracked in this mode.

Double Barreled Shotgun in Fortnite

After the latest update, the players of ” Fortnite: Battle Royale ” can look forward to a new weapon. The “double-barreled shotgun” does 143 (epic) or 150 (legendary) base damage over a short distance. However, if you are a little further from the target, the damage goes down enormously.

Fortnite patch 5.20 shotgun

Credits: Epic Games

Like other shotguns, the “double-barreled shotgun” fires ten shotgun pellets. However, they scatter more than other weapons of this kind. In addition, at x1.25 this shotgun has a lower critical damage multiplier. After the weapon change, the player must also live with a cooldown of 2 seconds.

Less remote ignition, more vending machines

Vending machines will spawn more often in Fortnite. This also applies to rarer machines. In addition, it costs less to make use of these.

However, explosion enthusiasts are unlikely to be happy. With the update, the amount of remote ignition charges that can be found has been reduced from 4 to 3. Also, the stack size is not spared which shrinks from 10 to 6.

Viking saves the world

A Viking and explorer, Ragnarok has made the latest entry in “Save the World” mode. The character will be available on August 9 at 2:00 CEST. He is part of the new subclass The Dark Viking.

Fortnite Patch 5.20

Credits: Epic Games

Possible future changes matchmaking system

Nahan Mooney, the community manager of Epic Games, has unveiled that the studio is working on a matchmaking system. The system will ensure that players are placed in games with other users who use the same type of peripherals.

In short, if you use a controller you will never meet a player with a mouse and keyboard and vice versa in Fortnite. More information on this will arrive by the end of the week.

It is a common belief that in shooting games players with mouse and keyboard have an advantage over the players using controllers (despite the assisted aim).

The question is one of the most discussed points by the Fortnite community, so it’s no surprise that Epic has come to the decision to split these two types of players.

You can read the complete patch notes here.