Epic Games is going to release a new update for Fortnite next week. The new update is going to be v9.10 and it will address some issues present in various sections of the game. In addition to this, players can also expect to see some new content such as a gun or some cosmetic items.

New Update Might Fix the Baller and Vehicles Issue

At the moment, we don’t know exactly what update v9.10 is going to feature. Many competitive players are currently hoping that it will bring a fix for the issue because of which The Baller and some other vehicles have been disabled in the game.

For those who don’t know, during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers, some players were unable to either exit or enter the vehicles. This was basically ruining the balance of the game as some players could enter them, while some couldn’t. Because of this, Epic Games decided to disable The Ballers and some other vehicles during week 6 of the qualifiers. Although many players still managed to perform really well without relying on them, there were some who complained about The Baller getting disabled.

Epic Games is yet to reveal when they will enable them again. Many players have claimed that they are unable to play properly because of this. Meanwhile, players such as MrSavageM have shown that it is possible to easily win a match without them.

Automatic Material Switching Bug

There was another bug which prevented the game from automatically switching the material a player was using. For those who don’t know, when a player runs out of a material such as a brick in the middle of a turbo build, then the material is replaced with something else. However, because of the bug, this feature was not working properly. Not only this, but some popular Fortnite players were also affected by this bug during the recent round of the qualifiers. And now, many players are hoping that the next update will bring a fix for this bug.

Although bugs are something that have appeared in Fortnite from time to time, Epic Games must address these ones as soon as possible so that players don’t face any issues during the qualifiers. Even Ninja, a popular Fortnite player, was affected by a bug during one of his recent matches. What basically happened was that his glider vanished all the sudden even though it didn’t even hit anything. Because of this, Ninja fell to his death and his chances for qualifying for the finals were ruined.

On the other hand, week 6 of the ongoing Fortnite World Cup qualifiers recently came to an end, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting to see what the next week will feature. We have seen some thrilling matches during the qualifiers and some amazing players have managed to qualify for the finals through them. It will be exciting to see how things will go down during the World Cup Finals, which are currently scheduled to be held in July.