Avengers: End Game is all set to release after one week, and Marvel fans are eagerly waiting for it to arrive. The movie is surely going to be one of the biggest hits of the year, and it seems like Fortnite fans are going to enjoy it even more.

Recently, there have been some speculations and rumors claiming that Fortnite fans might get to see The Avengers and Thanos skins soon in the game. In addition to this, there is also a rumor about a Thanos event happening soon Fortnite.

Fans of the game know that some time ago, Epic Games introduced a Thanos event in Fortnite when Infinity War was released. The event was a success and fans really enjoyed it. And now, it seems like the developers are planning something again as Avengers: End Game is going to release soon.

Thanos Might Return to Fortnite

Basically, what makes us think that Thanos will return to Fortnite are some messages which were found in the files of Update v.8.30 of the game. Skin-Tracker and Fortnite Intel noticed that there were some kill-feed messages present in the patch which hinted the return of Thanos. Within the messages, there was a line “yielded to the POWER of Thanos,” which made us think that something big is coming to the game soon. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that nothing of this has been officially confirmed by the developers, so it might not be true at all.

Robert Downy Jr. Wears A Fortnite Shirt

In addition to this, there is something else which backs up the recent rumors. Recently, on Twitter, Epic’s creative director Donald Mustarad posted a tweet in which he shared a picture with Robert Downey Jr. For those who don’t know, Robert Downy Jr. is the actor who plays the role of Iron Man in The Avengers.

What basically caught our attention was that the actor was wearing a shirt with Fortnite written on it. In addition to this, Donald wrote “Looking good, @RobertDowneyJr. See you soon! #teamdowney,” which basically hints that the two are up to something for sure. In any case, we can’t say anything about this too until Epic Games officially confirms it.

Fans of The Avengers will surely love to obtain the skins of their favourite characters from the movie in the game. The previous Thanos themed event was a big success, and fans will definitely love to see something like that again. This will be also something good for both The Avengers: End Game and Fortnite in terms of marketing.

At the moment, all we can do is wait and see if we will get to see something like this or not. In the meantime, players can go ahead and enjoy the Air Royale Limited Time Mode which was introduced with the latest update of the game. The new mode basically brings planes to the game and players can take their battle to the skies through them.