Epic Games has released a brand-new update for their battle royale title. The new update has introduced some exciting content to the game, something which players will love for sure. The past few updates focused on bringing Gotham City and Batman to the game. Players got to experience the whole superhero thing in a brand-new way. In addition to this, a Borderlands cross over event also took place. However, this time, we get to see a new rift zone along with a Limited Time Mode.

The Combine LTM

To begin with, the update has added a new Limited Time Mode to the game called The Combine. This new mode is a really amazing once since it is different and unique from the previous ones. In it, you have to reach the end of the map and compete for the fastest time while taking down your opponents. This means that you will have to make the best use of speed and weapons to win this round.

Starry Suburbs

A new rift zone has also been added to the game through the new update. The new rift zone is Starry Suburbs and it is located north of Pleasant Park. However, unlike other rift zones, this one has a special surprise waiting for anyone who will visit the location. Epic Games has confirmed that there is a “never seen before” weapon present in this area. At the moment, many players think that Epic Games is talking about the legendary Tactical SMG. However, we will only know after we visit the area.

Zone Wars LTM

Epic Games has decided to add another Limited Time Mode through the latest update. Players will be glad to know that Zone Wars is getting added to the game as a Limited Time Mode. It will feature four Creative maps, and all of them are made by users. For those wondering, you can jump into this mode with up to 15 friends. The four maps include Colosseum, Desert, Downhill River, and Vortex.


Epic Games has also unvaulted a few things through the update. The Bouncers have been unvaulted, while the Batman crossover weapons can be now found in the Arena playlists. Other than that, nothing has been unvaulted.

Bug Fixes

Aside from all this, update 10.40 has also fixed various bugs that were present in some sections of the game. To begin with, the update has resolved an issue because of why health bars of vehicles were not displaying. Shield Bubbles will also no longer prevent fall damage, and they will no longer get stuck in the air. The update has also resolved an issue because of why Shield Bubbles were not getting attached to a vehicle when a player riding the vehicle would throw them.

Fortnite update 10.40 is most likely the final downloadable patch for season X. You will now have to wait for the next season to see another update. In the meantime, you can enjoy the content featured in this update.