Fortnite Season 10 went live a few days ago. While most of the fans are enjoying it to the fullest, there are some who aren’t happy with it. They think that the new season has introduced some changes that shouldn’t have happened. However, while the developers took care of everything, it seems like the in-game store is still doing great. Not only this, but it seems like a new feature for it is about to arrive.

Data miners have a habit of digging into Fortnite’s files to get new information. They have always succeeded in leaking important information regarding new features and content before Epic Games even announces it. Now that a new season has arrived, these data miners are more than ever determined to find out what more will the new season deliver.

Data Miner Discovers the Voting Feature

Recently, a popular data miner who goes by the name FireMonkey managed to find some interesting information in the game’s files. What he found is nothing other than the much-demanded voting feature for the Fortnite Item Shop. The latter basically discovered some images which indicate that this feature is going to arrive soon.

The voting feature is something many fans have wanted for a long time. There are times when an item keeps on appearing in the store again and again, and this is something which bothers most of the players. However, judging from the pictures leaked by the data miner, players will get to vote for their favorite item before the time runs out. This will make sure that only the item which players love remains in the store.

How It Will Work

The voting feature will allow players to bring back their favorite items to the store. This will prevent useless and unnecessary items from continuously appearing. The developers will pick items that receive votes, while the others will just get removed. If this turns out to be the case, then many fans who are currently disappointed with season 10 might just get cheered up.

When Will It Arrive?

For those who don’t know, Epic Games never removes a feature that has made its way to the game’s files. Whenever data miners leak something, we always see it in the game after some time. At the moment, we currently don’t know exactly when this feature will arrive. It will either get added in the next update or sometime in the coming weeks. But judging from the leaked pictures, we will get to see it soon.

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