Sniper rifles do devastating damage when you hit your target critically. However, this is not so easy, especially against moving targets. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use your snipers and sniper rifles to better your chances of winning in Fortnite!

Sniper rifles are hard to master: If you play with sniper rifles you have to pay attention to several things:

  • Bullets from sniper rifles sink during flight time. The farther the target is, the lower the bullet goes.
  • For moving targets you have to synchronize the trajectory of the ball with the current player. Since you have to aim in front of the moving player, the meeting is damn hard.
  • If you do not properly adjust your sensitivity, you will definitely have difficulty meeting goals
Fortnite Sniper rifle

Credits: Epic Games

For these reasons, many players still avoid the use of sniper rifles. But you should give it a chance. Because who controls the sniper rifles, has a huge advantage in Fortnite.

Which sniper rifles are there? Currently there are three representatives to choose from:

  • The heavy sniper rifle
  • The hunting rifle

With the patch 6.21, the semi-automatic sniper rifle has flown out, but will probably come back later.

How can I reliably reach far-flung targets with sniper rifles?

The opponent is too far away, what am I doing now? With the sniper rifle bullets swooping at range, hitting distant targets is not easy. First, find out how far the target is from you. How to do that, you ask yourself?

By using the crosshair of your sniper rifle. It shows horizontal lines that can help you determine the distance to your opponent.

The enemy squats in a fortress, I can only see the head, what now? Distance determination is much more difficult if your opponent has buried himself in a fortress. Either use the moments when your opponent gives more away, or estimate the distance based on head size.

How do I adjust my sensitivity to fit me perfectly?

I do not meet with my sniper rifle in Fortnite, what to do? If you have difficulty consistently landing critical hits, you should check the sensitivity settings. Because if your sensitivity value is set too high when aiming, your crosshair will break more often and you will land fewer shots. Whether the settings are perfect for you, you can test extensively in the playground . There you can find vending machines on the southern edge of Loot Lake, which among other things spit out the shooting range. Get some of these mobile shotguns on epic (purple) rarity and build you into the sky before you use them.

You are now far away from the (among other things moving) targets and now you can practice all the lessons we have covered here in the article. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Can you consistently target the head? If not, see if you misjudged the distance to the destination

You are not meeting because your crosshair is not set correctly? Go into the settings and adjust the sensitivity up or down until you feel comfortable and can land critical hits permanently.