Fortnite fans will be glad to know that new challenges have just been introduced in the game, and you can complete them to earn various rewards. For those who don’t know, they are week eight challenges of season eight. In addition to this, players can finally unlock the Rain outfit through these challenges, something which they have wanted for a long time.

Just like the previous week, this one also has some exciting new challenges. You basically have to solve various puzzles, eliminate other players or deal damage to them in some ways, and perform some other stuff. In any case, players sure are going to have an amazing time while completing the new challenges. Without any further due, here are Season 8, Week 8 challenges of Fortnite.

Free Challenges

Challenge 1:

Stage 1: In this, you must find a treasure map signpost in the Paradise Palms.
Stage 2: Next, you must search the X mark on the treasure map signpost in the location.

Challenge 2:

In this challenge, you must use Vending Machines in different matches (3).

Challenge 3:

To complete this one, you must deal damage to opponents while using at least a single balloon (100).

Premium Challenges

Challenge 1:

In this challenge, you have to search for Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces under caves and bridges (7).

Challenge 2:

This challenge has two stages. At first, you must dial the Durrr Burger number on the big telephone located west of Fatal Fields. Afterward, you must dial the number of Pizza Pit on the big telephone locates east of The Bloc.

Challenge 3:

In this challenge, you must eliminate opponents at either Lucky Landing or Dusty Divot (7).

Challenge 4:

In this one, you must basically eliminate an opponent while is at least 50m away from you (2).

The best thing about these challenges is that except for Playground, you can complete them in any game mode. Not only this, but you can also complete these challenges in the recently added Limited Time Mode event and big team modes. This will make things much easier for you. However, for difficult challenges, we will suggest you invite a friend so that you to get some help in completing them.

Many fans believe that the quickest and the easiest way to complete the Search and Dial challenges is to use the big-team mode. Basically, there will be a lot of other players trying to complete these challenges there, so they will not try to eliminate you.

On the other hand, Team Rumble mode is currently said to be the best option to complete the Elimination Challenges. In the mode, you will basically respawn once you get eliminated, meaning that you can try again and again until you get your desired elimination.

Those who are interesting in getting the Secret Banner of Week eight will have to complete all the challenges of the previous week after they complete this week’s challenges. Be sure to complete them as soon as possible before they are gone.