Epic Games always bring new challenges to Fortnite every week. Through them, players can earn various rewards and battle stars. Week 6 challenges recently came to end meaning that Epic Games has now introduced new challenges for the next week.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 7 challenges might not be that thrilling, but you will still be able to earn the same number of stars and rewards as before. Without any further due, here are the challenges of week 7.

  1. Deal Damage to Players While Riding a Zipline

In this challenge, what you basically have to do is damage an opponent while riding a zipline. This one can be completed in only a few minutes so you should give this one a try first. Although you might not be able to complete this one in your first match but keep on trying this with a fast firing weapon so that you are able to land some shots on your opponent.

This doesn’t end here as you will have to complete another stage of this. In it, you will have to do the opposite of what we told you above. You will basically have to damage players while they are riding the zipline. So yes, you will have to stick around the ziplines if you want to complete this one.

  1. Deal Damage to Players from Above

As the title suggests, you will have to damage a player after getting above him. If your building skills are amazing, then you will not have any problem with completing this challenge. However, if you struggle in building, then you can simply land on Titled Towers and try to damage an enemy from the top of the building.

  1. Deal 100 damage to players with Pickaxe

This one is quite a simple one. All you have to do is damage or simply kill a player using a Pickaxe. You can do this by landing at a place where a lot of players land and start hitting a player with your Pickaxe who hasn’t looted anything.

  1. Eliminate 5 Players in Named Locations

In this challenge, you will have to take out five enemies, but each in a different named location. Although you don’t have to perform all 5 eliminations in a single match, you cannot perform an elimination in the same named location twice. Some of the named locations are Snobby Shores, Retail Row, The Block, Loot Lake, Polar Peak, Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, Fatal Fields, Titled Towers, etc.

  1. Open Chests in Loot Late and Snobby Shores

In this challenge, you have to just search for crates in Loot Lake and Snobby Shores and open them. You can complete this quickly as it is not a difficult one.

  1. Visit 3 Pirate Camps in a Single Match

To complete this challenge, you will have to visit three camps which have been taken by the pirates within a single match.

You should hurry and complete these challenges before they are gone. Epic Games has also added a new event in Fortnite, titled as Buccaneer’s Bounty Event. Players can complete the challenges offered in the event to unlock various rewards.