Fortnite is well known for receiving weekly updates, through which the developers either add some content or fix some issues that are present in the game. However, through the past few updates, Epic Games has been trying to improve the game instead of fulfilling the desires of players.

Fortnite Field of View

Those who have been playing Fortnite since a few weeks know that the developers have decided to change the field of view of the game. For those who don’t know, the field of view of Fortnite will be now locked at 80, something which many fans are not liking at all. Not only this, but the majority of the players have even heavily criticized the developers and asked them to revert these changes.

Field of view is basically something through which you see your surroundings in both first-person and third-person mode. The higher the field of view, the more you can see around you. This was something enjoyed by many competitive Fortnite players as it would give them a big advantage, but it seems like Epic Games isn’t going to let them enjoy it anymore.

Epic Games Will Stand with Their Decision

After the field of view of the game was changed, many fans had their hopes high that Epic will listen to them and revert the changes. However, Epic recently gave a developer update in which they claimed that a higher field of view was basically not good for the visual aspect of the game, because of which they have decided to keep it locked at 80. This means that despite the backlash from the community, Epic Games is still going to stand with their decision.

We all know that customizable options are something which make the PC platform the best out there. Players have complete freedom of adjusting their graphics settings, hotkeys, key bindings, and much more. Even at the start, Fortnite players were able to use whatever settings they wanted and could set their field of view as per their need. The average field of view used by most of the players was 110, but they will now have to stick with 80.

Fans Want A Field of View Slider

At the moment, many players are currently requesting Epic Games to add a field of view slider in the game, something which is present in many games these days. However, many believe that Epic Games is simply going to ignore the criticism and do whatever they think is best for the game. Although the developers are known to keep their fans satisfied with the game, their recent decision has surely left many fans disappointed.

On the other hand, Epic Games also removed the Siphon feature from the game, as they thought that it was giving the skilled players an upper hand against the average players. Many fans are currently wondering what Epic will remove next from the game as they are slowly making major changes to it. All we can do is wait and see what the future holds for the popular battle royale title.