Fortnite received many updates in the past few weeks from its developers, but fans were not happy with them at all. The updates basically ruined the gameplay experience of many players, and the recent update v8.40 added a few new bugs in the game. Even the siphon mechanic, which many players loved, was removed from the game through the update.

Previous Fortnite Updates

Although many players took it to social media where they heavily criticized the developers, Epic still didn’t respond to any of them. They didn’t even give a hint about whether they are going to revert the update or not, and many players were not happy with this at all. However, it seems like the developers are now going to try fixing some major issues which players are currently facing in the game.

Recently, on the subreddit of Fortnite, the developers started a thread where they asked players about the issues they are currently facing in the game. Through the thread, we got know which issues will be fixed in the next update of Fortnite, which is update v8.50.

What To Expect in Fortnite Update V8.50

On the thread, one user claimed that he was facing an issue where he hears a sound of an enemy getting shot by a sniper, reloading his gun, or losing his shield, but he still sees no one when he hears the sound. Epic then confirmed that they are bringing a fix for the “ghost” audio bug in the next update.

Spike Traps Bug

Those who play the game are aware of the bug which causes an item to be placed in the middle title of a box instead of the wall when using spike traps. This bug was becoming a serious problem for many players as they were unable to get their desired kills because of it. However, they will be relieved to hear that Epic is working on bringing a fix for this bug in the update v8.50.

Hold to Swap Bug

Epic is also going to bring a fix for the Hold to Swap issue in the next update. For those who don’t know, this feature was meant to allow players to swap the weapon they were using by holding down the use button. However, instead of swapping the weapon, it would accidentally drop the weapon they wanted to keep in their inventory. This resulted in many players getting annoyed during a match. But they don’t have to worry about it anymore as the new update will bring a fix for it.

In addition to this, we can expect the update to bring a fix for some other issues which the players are facing during their matches. Epic Games might even decide to add some new content in the game through the update v8.50. It sure is great to see the developers asking players for their feedback about the issues they are facing. On the other hand, Fortnite recently became the most streamed title on Twitch.