Fortnite Season X introduced B.R.U.T.E to the game. This new mechanical robot can be controlled by two players, where one gets to control its movements and the other gets to take care of its weapons. However, many players were excited upon seeing them, they soon discovered that this robot can put many players at a disadvantage. Most of the players claimed that they find it really difficult to take down these robots.

Since the addition of these robots, many players have been requesting Epic Games to either remove them from the game or at least tweak them. They want them to make these robots less powerful so that they don’t have to struggle a lot in order to take them down. However, it seems like Epic Games hasn’t listened to their fans because even after yesterday’s update, the mechanical robot is still as powerful as before.

Some Bugs Have been Fixed

Fortnite V10.10 update did bring some bug fixes related to the mechanical robot. There was a bug that allowed players to travel at the speed of lightening with B.R.U.T.E, something which allowed them to travel to the end of the map within a few seconds. There were some other bugs which involved players becoming invisible to other players, which put them at a great disadvantage. However, these bugs have now been fixed after the update and players will hopefully not face any issues linked to them.

The Mechanical Robot Is Still the Same

While fixing these bugs was something important, fans are still disappointed upon seeing that Epic Games hasn’t nerfed the overpowered robot. They did add a laser to it which allows players to see where it’s aiming, but this still won’t help at all since the rockets hit the target in the blink of an eye. In other words, you just cannot avoid them even if you are running.

Epic Games has decided to make another change to the mechanical robot. They have decided to reduce its spawn rate, meaning that players won’t get to see a lot of them from now on. However, some players think that this was a bad decision as only fewer players will acquire it. This will allow those few players to create havoc in the land and they will be eliminating whoever gets in their way.

Epic Games Needs to Do Something Soon

At the moment, Epic Games is yet to confirm whether they are going to nerf this mechanical robot or not. Even the Fortnite World Cup Solo Champion, Bugha recently got frustrated because of this robot. He and his teammates were eliminated by it although they tried their best to take it down. Bugha even went on to say that he knows Epic Games is watching his stream and that they should remove these robots.

There are a few other popular Fortnite streamers and players who are unable to play the game properly because of these new mechanical robots. Epic Games needs to do something about it before players stop playing the game.