Epic Games has just released the very first update of Season X. The new update is V10.0 Content Update, and it adds some new content to the game. The best thing about this update was that there was no downtime required for it, meaning that players were able to jump into it as soon as it was released. The update has also brought some exciting stuff which was previously leaked by some data miners.

The Automatic Sniper Rifle Is Here

To start with, the latest Fortnite update has added the much-anticipated Automatic Sniper Rifle to the game. For those who don’t know, a data miner leaked this weapon one week ago, and fans have been eagerly waiting for it to arrive since then. At the moment, the Automatic Sniper Rifle has the highest fire rate compared to the other Sniper Rifles present in the game. However, Epic Games has reduced its damage by 30 per shot for the Uncommon variant, and 35 per shot for the Legendary variant.

In addition to this, the Automatic Sniper Rifle is available in all four rarity variants. This makes it one of the few weapons that are available in all four variants upon their release. While this sniper rifle offers an amazing fire rare, you will need to be accurate if you want to hit your enemy. If you learn how to use it properly, then this weapon can help you take down a lot of opponents quickly.

Neo TitledIs Now Titled Town

Aside from this, the update has also changed a location. The Neo Titled is now Titled Town all thanks to the Rift Zones. For those who don’t know, Season X is going to focus on bringing back and changing some old locations instead of adding new ones. Also, keep in mind that building and harvesting is prohibited in the Titled Town.

Additions to Creative and Save the World

The update has added two new Limited Time Modes to the Creative section. At first, we have the Sky Station Showdown LTM in which players will need to capture zones and score points to win. The second LTM is Junkyard Juke, in which players will have to bring junk to the incinerator to receive points. Epic Games has also restored the Save Volume size for the Volcano Island.

Players will also get to see some changes to Save the World. The Typewriter assault rifle has made a return, something which many fans are going to love. The Typewriter is a mid-ranged assault weapon featuring a high capacity magazine. In addition to this, new missions have been added.

On the other hand, the Fortnite World Cup recently came to an end. Fans got to see some amazing matches during it and many new players got the chance to showcase their skills to the world. Epic Games has promised that fans will get to see more Fortnite tournaments later this year.