Owing to its exceptional success on multiple platforms, Epic Games launched Fortnite on Android in August. But an interesting fact is that the game is not available on the Google PlayStore. In fact, it is available to download from the website.

The reason why Epic Games decided to avoid PlayStore is because they don’t want to pay 30% of their revenue to the Google Store. In May the game rumored to make around $ 320 million, and just think that giving 30% of this income to Google will be a hole in Epic’s pockets. Keep in mind that Apple also charge 30% on App Store but Epic can’t avoid it. Since Apple only allows Apps to be downloaded from App Store. But since Google doesn’t have any such policy so Epic has used it to its benefit. Publishers need the Google Play Store to popularize its product to billions of users.


Credits: Valve

Since Fortnite has over 130 million players worldwide they don’t require an more advertising. This action however, might open door to security breaches since a lot of kids play it and most of the time they don’t know what they are doing. This action might just come back to haunt Epic Games.

Valve Banning almost every betting site

Valve is the developer of Dota 2 and CS:GO. Both of these titles have fascinating skins that are love by the fans of the games. So instead of buying some of the most ravishing and expensive skins for Steam Store, the players found the easy way by betting their low profiled skills and getting some incredible ones in the process. This practice continued for many years and Valve finally decided to put its foot down since the purchases declined and more and more players start signing up for these site causing Valve to lose millions

In 2016, the developer issued an official cease and desist letter to over 20 gambling sites. We would like to highlight the fact that these sites have not been approved by Valve itself and should be shut down effective immediately.

Epic Games

Credits: Epic Games

Third-party apps getting banned

Before this famous lawsuit, a player named Michael John McLeod filed suit against Valve Software. The player filled that Valve have been not only making profits from third party skin distributors but also promote underage gambling since none of the sites asks for age proof. This embarrassed Valve and their case lasted for months. The Stats of Washington even issued a cease and desist letter of its own that prohibited Valve from designing any skins. Valve them had to completely ban bots of any kind from its interface, which later on paved the way for the sites to get banned since Valve was not getting its cut.

Bloomberg even estimated that Valve made $2.3 billion in their illegal activities. Epic Games so far has done nothing illegal even though PUBG has to say something about it. They have legally avoided 30% cut on their profits but will this thirst for money make them move to illegal means like Valve did? Only time will tell.