The Fortnite World Cup Finals are just around the corner. Fans all over the world are really excited about it. All of them are eagerly waiting to see how their favorite player is going to perform in the biggest Esports event of the year. Epic Games is also trying its best to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the event. And to do that, they are now inviting some Fortnite pros to the World Cup Finals as alternate players. In other words, these players are meant to serve as a backup for the finals.

Who Will Be the Alternate Players?

For those wondering, Epic Games is inviting the top players from the solo portion who failed to make it to the finals through the qualifiers. In addition to this, they are also sending out invites to top duos who failed to secure a spot. Such players who were close to qualifying are currently receiving emails from Epic Games and are being invited to the World Cup Finals as alternate players.

A player who goes by the name Gustavo “Technoviking” Trevisan got was one of those players who failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals during the qualifiers stage. However, as the latter performed really well and was close to securing a spot, Epic Games has invited him as an alternate player. The latter has also posted a screenshot of the email which was sent to him by Epic. The email confirms that if a player or a duo is unable to compete, then he will be asked to fill the spot based on regional availability. However, if there is no need for an alternate player throughout the tournament, the later will be still allowed to enjoy the event.

Why Alternate Players Are Required?

As players from different regions are going to come to New York City to compete in the Finals, there are chances that a few of them might not be able to make it to the event. This can happen because of visa issues or flight problems. This is the very reason why Epic Games is inviting alternate players to the event. If any qualified player is unable to compete in the finals because of some reasons, then the alternate player will replace his spot. In addition to this, the alternate players are also going to receive the same treatment as the qualified players. They are currently confirmed to receive a free flight and accommodation.

One thing to keep in mind here is that there are only nine days left until the Fortnite World Cup finals. There are going to be some alternate players who will have to apply for a Visa. However, considering the short time period, a few of them might not make it to the finals in time. In any case, let’s just hope that all the qualified players make it to the venue without any problems.