For our audience who are not familiar with Fortnite till now, it is a video game which fall in the genre of Battle Royale games; a first or third person shooter game where hundred gamers face each other in a huge map, the map gets narrower as players get killed until there is a last man standing as a winner.

Everyone starts off without weapons and resources, they collect and use whichever resources or weapons they find on the map. The location of the weapons and the center point of the map where the game eventually ends change with each game, similarly, objectives changes every week. The game is available almost over all platforms i.e. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nitendo Switch, Android and iOS.

As a whole, there are at least 125 million players who have played Fortnite once in their life time. While on an average there are around three million active players every day. Till now, over 44 million gaming hours (and counting) have been recorded at an average of six hours a day. And in addition to that, over 126 million spectators have streamed it online so far on the Twitch streams.

If you have, in your house, Fortnite enthusiasts who spend hours of their time fighting among a community of millions of gamers, then you are no different. And if you want them to spare a few hours and leave the console behind, then Epic games has a solution for you; a wide range of collectables (toys) are on their way, inspired by famous Fortnite characters. They will be available on all toy stores, you can discover them below.

Skull Trooper, Omega #1, Omega #2 and Brite Bomber are a few Fortnite characters which are loved by majority of the player. They will be included in a new collection of figures having more than 100 character toys. The release date is set to be 19thMarch 2019, when the first wave of 20 characters will hit the market, they will be 3 pieced-5cm tall figures having base support and related accessories.

Fortnite Toy Packages

As a marketing tactic, not all the Fortnite characters will be sold individually. The marketers have segregated them into double packs, while there is a possibility that your favorite character could only be found in the quadruple pack. Below is a detailed list of characters included in each pack to be set for sale.

  1. Individual Packing:

  • Carbide # 1
  • Cuddle Team Leader
  • Drift
  • Infiltrator
  • Omega # 1
  • Ragnarock
  • Skull Trooper

  1. Pack Of Two:

  • Birte Bomber & Omega # 2
  • Die Cast & Carbide # 2
  • Love Ranger & Teknique
  • Sergent Jonesv & Carbide # 2
  • Black Knight & Triple Threat
  1. Pack Of Four:

  • Raptor
  • Raven
  • Rex
  • Rust Lord

Along with these characters, Epic Games is releasing a playable environment as well. It will be the “Port a Fort” play set, which could be built just like it is done in the game. Within this fort will be a 5 cm tall infiltrator character having 3 joints. The base and its accessories will be included in the package.