Epic Games is always praised when it comes to keeping Fortnite playable for everyone. Fans love the fact that they release weekly updates and fix various issues present in the game. Sometimes, the updates even add new content. However, there was one update after which some hardcore fans were not happy at all.

Some time ago, Epic Games released the Fortnite V8.20 update which brought some changes to the game. Although the changes were meant to improve the gameplay experience for players, it resulted in many fans getting disappointed. The update basically removed the Siphon mechanic from the game, a feature which was loved by many players.

What the Siphon Feature Was

The Siphon mechanic basically allowed players to get extra health after they eliminated a player. The eliminated players would also drop their building materials. In addition to this, players were able to carry more resources and could gather them at a greater speed thanks to Siphon. This feature was loved by many players as because of it, they were able to spend less time on finding supplies and more on fighting their opponents. However, that feature was later removed in March and players have been since then criticizing the developers for their decision.

Why It Was Removed?

Today, Epic Games has finally revealed why they decided to undo something which improved the gameplay experience for many players. According to the developers, the feature was actually a blessing only for the most skilled players, and the average player was not enjoying at all. They claimed that although everyone enjoyed receiving extra health and shields after eliminating a player, many average players were becoming frustrated from the fact that the skilled players had an upper hand against them. In other words, the average players had less chance of winning against skilled players with full health and shields.

Epic further revealed that the Siphon basically made the highest-skilled players happy, while the average players were getting more and more frustrated after every match. Not only this, but some of them even decided to play less. For those who don’t know, there are around 10% of players in Fortnite who are really skilled, and the remaining 90% falls in the average category. This basically means that Siphon ruined the gameplay experience of most players.

Epic Is Dedicated to Improving the Game

Fortnite is the type of game played by millions of players daily. Epic Games’ recent statement reveals that they will try everything they can to satisfy the larger player base. Although many top streamers and skilled players took it to social media and criticized the developers for removing the Siphon mechanic from the game, they still decided to remove it to make the game playable for everyone.

Epic Games is improving the game constantly by releasing week to week updates. The game has even managed to become the most streamed title on Twitch. Epic Games has claimed that they will keep on improving the gameplay experience for the players, even if it means removing some features from the game.