There are some players who like to win by relying on their skills, while others just don’t want to follow the rules. Same can be said for two Chinese players who have been accused of teaming up during the Fortnite World Cup Solo Qualifiers.

Chinese Players Team Up During A Match

Recently, on Reddit, a player shared a video which reveals that two players were apparently helping each other out during a match. Not only this, but it was further revealed that the two Chinese players are actually from the same team outside the game. What basically happened was that a player who goes by the name SV_Gtea dropped some of his Drum Gun bullets and then walked away from them. The thing which bothered viewers is the fact that the latter dropped around half of his bullets as they went from 220 to 110 in his inventory.

Shortly after Gtea dropped his bullets, another player instantly rushed towards the bullets and picked them up. Interestingly, the player who approached the bullets is SV_Hooting. In other words, Gtea’s teammate from outside the game. Both being in the same team further confirms that the two were actually helping each other out during the match.

Now, we all know that no one randomly drops bullets during a match. Not only this, but there is even no need to do something like this as bullets don’t take inventory space during the solo match. Because of this, many players believe that Gtea dropped them on purpose so that Hootin could easily pick them up. In addition to this, the chances of Hootin to just randomly come across some bullets which his teammate had dropped are close to zero.

SV_Hootin Changed His Direction

Gtea and Hootin didn’t also encounter each other during the whole match. This isn’t something bothering, but fans are still confused why Hootin started moving towards where the bullets were dropped instead of just going where he was before.

What Will Happen Next

In any case, SV_Hootin has currently secured a spot in the finals as he was placed first in the Asia qualifiers. If Epic Games decides that the two Chinese players were actually cheating, then Hootin’s qualification will be revoked and he will also have to give back the prize money he won. Not only this, but both Hootin and Gtea can also expect to get a 14-day ban from Competitive Fortnite Mode.

Hmm it’s good to give each other bullets to your teammate but not on a solo match. This chinese team was teaming since week 1 and no one cares. from r/FortniteCompetitive

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to cheat during the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. We have seen some players trying to team up during the previous weeks of the qualifiers, but Epic Games has given them the punishment they deserved. In addition to this, Epic Games has further claimed that if anyone who was banned tried to compete in the qualifiers with another account, then he/she will get banned from the game permanently.