Fortnite Battle Royale, launched for Xbox One, PS4 , PC, Switch, Android, and iOS, host some of the most famous building system mechanics. These mechanics allows players to construct ramps, platforms, and various types of structures using materials collected on the map. In addition to building pathways, the building are also very useful for protecting yourself from enemies and gaining advantage in fights. Check out tips to improve your Fortnite construction.

Never run out of resources

Fortnite materials (wood, stone and iron) are essential at the time of making your constructions, and should not be ignored in the most intense moments of the games. From the beginning of the game, whenever you enter a house, take the opportunity to gather the building items with one or two blows from your axe, and fill up your inventory. This habit will always helf you inany situation.


Credits: Livewire

Build reinforced paths

When attempting to climb great heights with a ramp, you can become an easy target for your opponents, who can destroy the base, causing the entire structure to come to ground. To do this, try to use more strong materials such as stone or iron, and create barriers to prevent frontal angle shots.

Use buildings to avoid falling damage

Need to escape quickly but found a large cliff in front of you? Your ramps can serve as steps, so that you descend gradually without receiving damage. Just be ready to build them on the edges of the falls as you go along.

Protect yourself immediately

One of the most common practices of experienced players is to build ramps or walls quickly as soon as they are hit by shots or encounter enemies. This will make you a more complicated target, and give you a chance to prepare for combat.

Alternate building modes

Console players may face some difficulty in building, as this requires additional commands in the controller. Luckily the Fortnite has dedicated options that can make life easier for Xbox One, PS4, and Switch players. Make sure you try the Fast Builder options.

Use the strong 1×1

Strong 1×1 is a great tool to gain advantage over opponents and gain a privileged view of the map. Especially useful at the end of the matches, these constructions also work as a good hiding place. To use them, simply make a wooden fence, apply a ramp and then close the floor with a platform. Repeat the process to create more floors. The more floors there are, the stronger your foundation will be.

Edit your buildings

In addition to building walls, ramps, and platforms, Fortnite players can also edit these constructions, creating doors, gaps, and openings. Just approach the part you want to edit, click the command and move the cursor to the parts you want to open.

We hope that this brief lesson will help in your in game performance.