Epic Games have launched Season 8, and the new update to Save The World will change the way heroes work giving more liberty to the players for customization and while choosing perks and abilities of the selected heroes. One of the major change in the new update is that each hero will be having a unique perk and distinctive reskins e.g. Demolitionist Bull & Penny won’t share the same kit anymore.

New look the players’ loadout

This new update will allow players to have a different loadout slot differentiated by type. Who you play as and your main perk will be determined by the main commander slot, heroes with more upgradations will get a huge boost when they are placed in the commander slot. In addition to that, in the updated hero loadout system, there will be five support slots.

The five support slots in the new hero loadout slot will allow the players to be able to place dissimilar heroes in those slots to get new perks and maximum benefits. Let’s say that you picked a hero with all buff and hence improving your commander’s main perk or else you can add different heroes to form a unique team giving you more abilities and eventually a possibility to outscore your opponents.

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New Quests

Unique and new quests have been added to the game and they are eight of them, each quest will unlock a new hero to be added to the roster, and it can easily be said that more the heroes more will be the combos. So, prepare a customized team, save presets of your liking and prepare to Save the World. Likewise, the asset pack has been given a new look by the developers.

New slots for team perks

As a part of the update, players will have access to new slots for team perks. These perks could be unlocked by successfully finishing the quests and missions. These team perks can be used with any hero which will also obligate certain support teams too. For instance, a team having three ninja class heroes will get higher jumps, and more like that.

Save The World’s features

A long-awaited feature of Save The World and multiple loadouts are making its way into the game. Players will be allowed to have multiple loadouts and shift them as they like in the lobby prior to the game. Since this huge change could affect favorite heroes of some of the players, Epic Games are set to offer free hero resets which will see them bring back the resources they had in the upgraded character in the previous versions of the game.

Players will be given bonuses and tokens to make this transition to the new loadout system more easy and manageable for them, and all the players who completed the thirteen given Overtime Challenges during the Share the Love event earlier, can claim their free pass to the Season 8 at the Battle Pass tab or they can upgrade to the Battle Bundle at a lower fee. So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the adventurous Season 8.

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