A few days ago, Epic Games revealed that another Avengers: End Game event is soon going to take place in the game. Although the developers only shared a picture of a game’s character who was holding Captain America’s shield, we still got the idea that something big is about to go down. And now, after teasing the event for a few days, the developers have finally added the Avenger’s themed event in the game.

For those who don’t know, the latest update of Fortnite 8.50 was released today, and it has added the much-anticipated Avengers: End Game event to the game. When the event was first teased by Epic Games, many fans were wondering whether it was going to be the same as the previous Thanos themed event or not. However, they are sure in for a surprise as the new event is much more complicated than the previous one. The new Limited Time Mode basically splits the players into two teams. First one is Team Thanos, and the second one is The Heroes.

The Two Teams

Team Thanos consists of Thanos himself and some of his Chitauri Invaders. What the mighty villain’s team will have to do is collect all six of the Infinity Stones. On the other hand, The Heroes will have to use their resources to stop their enemy from collecting the stones at any cost. If you’re in The Heroes team, then you will be able to respawn after you get eliminated. However, once Team Thanos collects all the six Infinity Stones, the respawns will be turned off, and all those who remain will have to face the other team.

How To Take Control of Thanos

If you’re wondering how you can take control of Thanos, it’s simple. All you have to do is become the first one to find an Infinity Stone, and you will then transform into Thanos. In addition to this, your power will also increase as you collect other Infinity Stones. However, one thing to keep in mind here is that if Thanos is eliminated, then some random player will be transformed into Thanos who will then have to lead his team to victory.

As for The Heroes, they will be given a treasure map through which they will be able to find powerful items linked with The Avengers such as Iron Man’s gloves, Thor’s axe, Captain America’s shield, and Hawkeye’s bow. Players can also find these items in crates. Once you have collected these items, you will have to use them to defeat the most powerful villain out there.

In any case, fans are surely glad to see another Avengers themed event in the game. The previous one was a Thanos themed event and it attracted a lot of players towards the game. One thing to keep in mind here is that the newly added event is a Limited Time Mode, meaning that you only have a few days to enjoy it before it disappears.