$ 30 million on the line

The Epic Games announced Fortnite World Cup 2019 on Friday. The developer of the Battle Royale has released the first information about the competition, which starts on April 13 and has a final scheduled for July 28 in New York City. In addition to the US $ 1 million prize pool per week in the qualifying stages, the competition will distribute US $ 30 million in prizes.

Fortnite is a game that unites the modes Battle Royale, Save the World and a Creative Mode. Available for download on PC, PS4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch, the game also has a mobile version for Android and iPhone ( iOS ) phones.

In all, there will be 10 qualifiers online and open to the public, which will take place between April 13 and June 16. Following these steps, the 100 solo players and the 50 best ranked doubles around the world will play the title between July 26 and 28. Each participant will receive a minimum of US $ 50,000 and the great solo champion, takes US $ 3 million home.

The Fortnite developer has ensured that in addition to the main tournament, they  will continue to distribute $ 1 million weekly through the year in a variety of tournaments. It is worth remembering that in May of 2018, Epic announced an investment of $ 100 million in the competitive scenario of the game for 2019.

Overwatch Permanently Bans A Pro

Team Stop Feeding and five Overwatch players were punished for boosting last Sunday. According to Blizzard , 12 cheaters had punishments and “tudouxi”, support of Team Stop Feeding, has received definitive ban. The ban marked an unprecedented moment in the competitive shooting game: it was the first time that an athlete received a permanent ban from all of the developer’s tournaments. Players from Alter Ego, Team For Victory and CPUPT teams also received punishments.

The announcement was made on Weibo, China’s social network similar to Facebook, and released by Twitter OW Beacon. As part of the punishment, Team Stop Feeding was disqualified from the first season of Contenders China in 2019 after finishing Trials without losing any map. Team For Victory, meanwhile, runner-up, will retain the vacancy despite a one-year ban applied to DPS “Qingli”.

Alter Ego, who finished Trials in third place, was promoted to Contenders, taking over from Team Stop Feeding. The team closed Trials 4-3, after being relegated without winning a single game in Season 3 of Contenders China. Despite the change, the team will compete without some of their players, in which “sago,” “taRocook1e” and “zende hen xihuan aqingna” will face punishments that will leave them absent during any tournamnet in the competitive season.’

This is more a case of infractions in the recent history of Overwatch’s competitive. In December 2018, seven players competing in Season 2 of the Overwatch League were caught in foul behavior and boosting and received suspensions even before Season 2 of the competition began.