Epic Games has announced that it is taking further steps against stream sniping by making some major changes to the Streamer mode in Fortnite.

For those who still do not know it, the term ” stream sniping ” refers to the practice of spying on what the opponent is doing … directly on his/her Twitch channel, or in the official ones.

Streamer mode prevented the names of streamer and all other players in the game from being anonymous in the feed. To solve this problem, Epic has changed the mode and now presents two different options: ” Anonymous ” and ” Hide other players ‘ names “.

The first option, Anonymous, works very similar to the current system because the name of the streamer will appear anonymous but the names of all the other participants in the game will appear as normal. The other option will change the name of each individual player to “anonymous”, including the streamer, and will be shown as a simple “Player” name in the feed.

The players will be able to enable both options at the same time, in order to avoid as much as possible the occurrence of stream sniping . These changes were implemented in the v7.40 update and details were made public after Epic sent them to each player who is an official member of the ” Support a Creator ” program.

The superstar of Fortnite as Ninja , TFEU , Myth and many others had asked Epic to adopt a definitive approach to deal with sniping, and it seems that the developers have listened to them. Only time will tell if this will help solve the problem in Fortnite, but at least it should mitigate it.

New Weapon arriving soon

A new explosive weapon will land very soon at  Fortnite . The Pyrotechnic Rockets, after being announced by Epic Games itself within the game, will be making their arrival sooner rather than later as they are expected to appear with the next v7.40 patch  that will arrive this Wednesday, February 6.

A new weapon that seems highly dangerous, capable of causing an enormous amount of damage, including for the launcher himself if the player is not careful with it.

A message on the loading screen: “Flashy, loud and really dangerous”, makes clear its firepower. The danger of using them indoors suggests that these missiles would be fired in search of a target.

More leaks in place

Some leaks mention that they would have their own ammunition, something that could mean that they are unique elements such as balloons, glider or grenades, and a new type of weapon as such. Although its operation still seems a mystery. It resembles a Mounted Turret, so it is possible that once placed, we must aim to shoot a limited number of times on our objectives.

Will the new weapon be a “trap”? In addition, many players speculate that the rockets have to be butil firmly, so like a trap or a trampoline. Some players are looking forward to more explosions in Fortnite and can not wait for the missiles to come into play.