In most of the battle royale games, players can revive their teammates who get knocked out. This gives downed players another chance to get back in the battle. The same mechanic is featured in Fortnite, which is currently the most popular battle royale titles out there. Not only this, but the revive feature is even one of the biggest aspects of the game. However, it seems like this feature is now affected by a bug.

Fortnite Bug Is Causing Issues

Recently, some Fortnite players claimed that a new bug has appeared in the game that is causing disconnection issues. According to them, they keep on getting disconnected for their matches whenever they try to revive their teammate. Whenever this bug is triggered, a network connection lost message appears out of nowhere. Even the player who was a victim of the bug tried to test it out again, and he got the same treatment.

Me and my friend have been facing a bug where he gets disconnected from the game while he tries to revive me. Here I explain what is happening. I get downed, he tries to revive me, and he disconnects from the server. Epic, please fix this bug as this is super annoying and game breaking. from r/FortNiteBR

The user again tried to revive his teammate, and the same error appeared on his screen. Both players who were in the video claim that they have a good internet connection and are playing on the NA East servers. However, it does not seem like the issue is being caused because of their internet speed. Either it has something to do with the fact that they were cross playing between console or PC, or is a problem with the game itself.

The Bug Is There Since April

On the Reddit post, other users commented claiming that they are experiencing the exact same thing. While some think that this is a new bug, one player stated that he has been facing this issue since April. At the moment, it seems like this bug is affecting the duos portion the most but is slowly spreading to the squad mode too. It won’t be long before every other player starts getting disconnected from the game because of this issue.

This isn’t the only bug that has been spotted in Fortnite this week. A few days ago, the popular streamer Tfue was playing a match with his duo partner when he got eliminated by an invisible player. In the video posted by him, we even saw that the player instantly vanished into thin air and attacked Tfue and his duo partner from behind, eliminating both of them within a few seconds. While this seemed like a cheating case, many players believe that this happened because of a bug.

Epic Games will have to address these issues as soon as possible. No one likes getting disconnected from their matches again and again. In addition to this, the Fortnite World Cup Finals are also currently being held. Many fans are currently wondering whether these bugs will become a problem during the finals or not. Let’s just hope that everything goes smoothly during the tournament without any major issues.