As we are approaching April, like others, Fortnite might well be planning for April fool’s day too. Yesteryear, the changes made were a little disappointing as we got impulse grenades and boogie bombs for this kind of a pranking event of the year. April fools’ has a significant place in the egaming industry with some big names try to steal attention using some uncanny tactics.

In the past we have seen that Fortnite does not let any opportunity go waste. They like to surprise their fan base time after time, and this year it is expected that Epic Games would introduce something eccentric but we are not going to predict something huge as last year was a sheer disappointment. Here we have some predictions for tomorrow:

No Changes In The Map

Last year, this time people were busy envisaging excitedly about what’s going to come. The lead people were taking was from the huge comet which was seen in the sky which was pointing directly towards the Tilted Towers. That hint made people think that Epic Games is about to introduce a big change in the game which will hit the comet and will land onto most popular landing zone in the game. Well that was an unmatched prediction back in 2018 but it didn’t come in real.

The Tilted Tower stands right where it belonged while the Comet did hit the land and smashed onto a Dusty Depot before Season 4 kicked off. That was quite a considerable change but it looked nothing in front of the gigantic ice biome which emerged in the South West, it was a Volcano that was under the Wailing Woods. Changes in the maps are seen rather frequently and it is a major part of the game that is why we predict that it won’t be a map change this time as April fools’ changes are rather irrelevant.

Season 8 Has Nothing To Do With It

It seems as if the main purpose of April Fools ’ Day is to do something which is totally irrelevant to what the game does or offers during that time. The design of the Season 8 is more likely to progress in a bit more rigorous way. But there won’t be much of the gameplay changes expected to be made for tomorrow.

One Day Change To The Meta

It sounds weird but yes, it is predicted that there will be a one day change to the meta. It has always struck my mind and most probably it is the expected upshot for Fortnite April Fools’ Day launches. The goal of the designers will be to make the feel of the game completely altered in an astonishing way which would not last for more than just one day.

To sum things up, it is widely expected that Epic Games will totally eradicate the fall damage, and will add a pickaxe-only mode. In addition to that messing around with double jumping would be enabled and an unlimited access to the resources will be granted. Or it is possible that they will make everyone a Banana. Quite possible, yes but it won’t changing the gameplay at la