Centre Backs with superb pace, strong mental, physical and defensive skills are the backbone of every clean sheet in FIFA19 Ultimate Team. Interestingly, there are a lot of skillful defenders available at quite a low cost having all the mentioned qualities. We have picked 10 creative defenders that can be picked for 8000 coins or less in the FUT19 transfer market.

  1. Dávinson Sánchez (8000 coins)

84 rated player is the most expensive in our list of defenders but is used by players in Division Rivals and FUT Champions. The Tottenham Hotspur’s Sánchez is more than a defender, he has high sliding tackle stats 88, aggression 87 and man marking ability 84. Sánchez’s price has dropped a lot in the recent months making him a must have for most of the teams.

  1. Presnel Kimpembe (5000 coins)

Kimpembe has changed from a 60 rated prospect to an 83 rated star in a short period of 3 years. The PSG center back in FUT19 is the most crushing players. The 23-years old has excellent pace, defensive, mental and physical stats in combination to his massive work rate in the defense. He cost 5000 coins but he is worth every single coin spent.

  1. David Luiz (5000 coins)

David Luiz early in the season was quite expensive in the FUT19. But with the decrease in price, his abilities has not affected much. The Chelsea center back has challenging interceptions rated at 85 and aggressiveness 85. He is not the quickest of center backs in our list but in 5000 coins he outclasses opponents on the pitch.

  1. Nacho Fernández (4000 coins)

With exceptional standing tackles 86 and sliding tackles 87, the Real Madrid Center Back is an excellent defender to have on your side. The Spanish national has a fair pace 78 while his jumping ability and heading accuracy is brilliant. The 29 year old worth 4000 coins in the transfer market but has high defensive rate and a four star week foot ability.

  1. Eric Bailly (2000 coins)

The strong built Manchester United center back is a superb player in FUT19. He possesses amazing strength and jumping ability. The defender is available in the transfer market just for 2000 coins but have amazing defensive stats including interceptions 84, standing tackle 82 and sliding tackle 83. The Ivorian international is a perfect pick for starting 11.

  1. Marc Bartra (2000 coins)

Marc Barta couples perfectly with Real Madrid’s Nacho Fernández in FUT19. The Real Betis’s defender has an exceptional jumping ability 89 both while defending and when attacking as well, it is assisted by a heading accuracy of 82. He is among the great defenders with good interceptions 86 and standing tackles 82. His ball control adaptation 80 allows him to play at the back with some ease.

  1. Clément Lenglet (1500 coins)

When it comes to balanced defending with good overall rating, the name of Clément Lenglet comes to the mind with his overall rating of 82. The Barcelona defender is highly recommended due to his physical abilities and pace. His man marking is rated at 89 and he has a four star week foot. Clément cost only 2000 coins in the transfer market and is the most reliable second choice defender.

  1. Kevin Vogt (1500 coins)

The 6ft 4″ Bundesliga defender has only an overall rating of 80 but he outnumber the statistics on the pitch related to him. He is the quickest among our picks with a sprint speed of 84 which makes him impossible to beat him at the back. The 27 year old cannot be outmuscled, thanks to his strength 85 and aggression 81. He has amazing long ball 83 passing ability as well.

  1. Chris Smalling (1000 coins)

Manchester United center back had once been the most favored defenders by the FUT players, but he has disappeared from the radar in the recent past. Make no mistake as the 81 rated center back still remains a fantastic prospect in the FUT19. He has balanced stats which makes him a tough defender to beat in just 1000 coins in the FUT19 transfer market.

  1. Jérémy Mathieu (1000 coins)

Another defender can be picked just for 1000 coins in the FUT transfer market. The Sporting CP’s defender is certainly undervalued for the quality he offers at the back. Jérémy Mathieu has good marking 86 stats coupled with standing tackles 84. But his amazing strength 89 is what makes the 6ft 2” defender so amazing at the backline. When going forward, he offers an amazing ability with curving the ball 82 and shot power of 80.