Speed or Pace has always been an imperative feature in the FIFA’s Ultimate Team (FUT) and it is needed mostly out on the wings. In cutthroat online modes like Division Rivals or FUT Champions a speedy and a skilled winger can usually become the divergence factor in winning or losing a game.

A lot of low cost wingers are available in FUT 19 that could provide the edge in competitive matches. We have handpicked 10 of them, they are quick, good at tricks and most importantly would cost 5000 coins or less in the in-game transfer market. They are of the caliber to trouble defenders of all skill levels.

  1. Ousmane Dembélé (4000 coins)

Dembélé has an overall rating of 84 in FUT 19. He has an amazing acceleration rated 94, the young La Liga winger asserts a sprint speed stat of 90 and his dribbling and agility are rated at 92 and 90 in that order. Ousmane has an impressive five star week foot ability and his vision, balance and shot power can be compared to many FUT elites.

  1. Xherdan Shaqiri (100 coins)

On papers, the Swiss winger Xherdan may not be the perfect bargain but the current Liverpool star has quite balanced stats and do not have any specific specialty. Xherdan has a pace of 80 and acceleration of 84 but he looks much faster on the pitch than what his stat suggests. He is beneficial in passes, long range shots and dribbling. Having amazing skill moves, he is available in the market for just 1000 coins.

  1. Hirving Lozano (1000 coins)

Having the abilities refreshed in the winter to acceleration 94, sprint Speed 93, agility 93 and an overall rating of 82, Lozano can be acquired only for 1000 coins in the transfer market. His tremendous pace along with his superb stamina and splendid dribbling skills are the reasons why he is so popular in the FUT this year.

  1. Willian (4500 coins)

Willian is rated 84 in the game and has all the things needed in top winger. He is quick having pace 88, and acceleration 91, he can dribble 88, he is agile 89 and has great stamina 85 which keeps him running till the final whistle is blown. He certainly is a value for money.

  1. Anthony Martial (5000 coins)

Discarded in his first few seasons at Manchester United, Anthony Martial, has become a beast now. It is reflected in the FUT ratings where his acceleration 88, sprint speed 90, shot power 86, finishing 84 and positioning 84 makes him an overall player of 84 rating. His ratings suggest that he will be at the right place at time to score goals as well having judicious strength and jumping stats.

  1. Cristian Pavón (1000 coins)

The Boca Juniors winger having acceleration 93, sprint speed 90 and an immense agility 92 is one of the best bargains of this season in FUT priced at just 1000 coins in the transfer market. Pavón has mammoth stamina 92 and has good long range shot attributes 84 with good shot power 84 which makes him a big threat from long range.

  1. Thorgan Hazard (1500 coins)

It is quite rare when you find a winger rated 83 for a price under 2000 coins in the transfer market. The winter refreshed Belgian, Thorgan Hazard, has agility 93, dribbling skills 87 and good acceleration stats 87. Thorgan is good at passing and shooting and has good set-piece skills as well (Penalties 87, Free Kick Accuracy 81). He might not be the quickest of the wingers but not a bad option for 1500 coins.

  1. Franco Cervi (1000 coins)

Franco Cervi of Benfica is a speedy lad falling in the category of bargains of the season. The Argentinian is just 1000 coins expensive in the transfer market, and for those 1000 coins you will get acceleration 93, sprint speed 90, agility 91 and great balance. Other than that, the 24-year old has amazing dribbling skills, stamina, reactions and ball control qualities. Above all he has five star skill moves.

  1. Marcus Rashford (4000 coins)

One of the brightest stars of the Manchester United academy, Marcus Rashford, is an amazing player with overall rating of 82. Rashford is fitted with bolt like speed of 93, acceleration 90 and agility 88. Rashford beings to the team a lot of goals due to his exceptional shot power 87. He also has five star skill moves and four star week foot abilities.

  1. Steven Bergwijn (1000 coins)

Having a fine balance of 91 rating, PSV’s Steven has an overall rating of 80. But he beat his own rating with his sprint speed 89, acceleration 87 and dribbling 87.

The Dutch has four star dribbling skills and a respectable shot power 80. He is available in the FUT transfer market just for 1000 coins.