We talked to Donovan Hunt (F2Tekkz), the 17 y.o. FIFA 19 player. He, presently, is considered to the best in the world after winning five tournaments in this season. F2Tekkz has qualified to play the ePL 2019 Grand Finals to be staged at the Sky Sports Arena, London through 28th& 29thMarch 2019. F2Tekkz had been talking about his mentality and improvements he made to his gameplay making him one of the bests.

Donovan will be representing his favorite club Liverpool at the ePL Grand Final and will represent his nation England in the eWorld Cup to be staged later this year. He made it through to the eWC by conceding no goals at all in the qualification round. F2Tekkz said, it means a lot to him as every kid want to play for a professional team, though he couldn’t make it in real but he felt lucky enough to represent his favorite club and win the title for them. He hopes the same for Liverpool to lift the real trophy this year too.

Last Year eWorld Cup Failure A Motivation For F2Tekkz

Though F2Tekkz is maintaining a perfect record in this year’s tournaments, he still needs to win the cup of all cups – the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 – to be regarded as greatest of all times. Donovan came into the spotlight last year after winning the FUT Champions event in Barcelona. But after getting knocked out of Manchester and Amsterdam’s version of the event. He failed to qualify for the eWC last year.

Hunt said that it helped him as it was one of the worst thing that could happen to a player in eSports. He felt he was the best after winning in Barcelona but got unlucky in Manchester by getting knocked out in the second knock out round. And the same happened in Amsterdam. This makes us wonder whether he has really improved or is FIFA 19 suiting his gameplay.

F2Tekkz told that in FIFA19 he got unlucky sometimes, yet always managed to counter that. But he has improved his game too, he practiced to be more clinical in front of the goal, by creating a chance rather than hitting the ball hard and hoping that the keeper would miss, and made his back line solid as a rock.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

Mental optimization is more important than learning new skills. He said that previously when he conceded a goal, he panicked. Giving an example of FUT Championship in Manchester where he tried to replicate Barcelona but lost, and carried the same pressure to Amsterdam. But this time his calmness and composure won him so many titles.

Donovan has experienced highs and lows of a professional eSports, and it’s the experience which made his attitude solid. With his techniques and experience he has learned to tackle pressure making him a well-known player now. Now, even if a goal down he plays normally which is sufficient to bring him back into the game. He gave credit to his mother as well who stood behind him as a rock and kept on motivating him. In the end, his experience, technique and his mother’s confidence made him sit on top of the FIFA 19 Xbox community with 6000 ranking points more than his competitor sitting and second.