Important Dates And Format Of The ePL 2019

Registrations for the first ever ePremier League ended on 3rdDecember 2019, and the online event kicked off on 5thJanuary 2019 which is intended for residents of UK and the EA Sports FIFA 19 players who were 16 years or above at the time of registration.

In the online qualification round, the registered players went head-to-head with each other till there were 16 players left for each PlayStation4 and Xbox One for every club. Then these 640 players progressed to the playoff round, which has already been hosted or will be hosted by each club according to the given schedule.

At the end of the playoff round, 40 successful participants will take on each other in the Sky Sports Arena, London through 28thand 29thMarch 2019 which will be broadcasted live on Sky Sports and other digital channels of Premier League.

ePL Come To The Home Of Red Devils

Play Off round of the ePremier League to finalize the contestants to represent Manchester United was schedule to be held on 4thMarch 2019 at the Theater of Dreams. 27 competitors from all over UK were greeted with open hearts at the Old Trafford Stadium. No. 7 Suite inside the stadium was reserved for some hi-octane action, the knockout round for the road to London for ePL Final.

There were two competitions running in parallel, one was for the PlayStation4 users while the other was going on between the Xbox One users. It all kicked off with the Round of 32 format and we had our single finalists for each console.

PlayStation 4 Contest

In the final of the PS4 side of the event, Mark Love took on Kyle Leese, the latter won with an aggregate score of 3 goals to 1. Kyle Leese was born in Manchester, a Red Devil since childhood and a top seed in EA Sports FIFA 19 for a reason.

Kyle, talking to the MUTV, said that he still is in shock to be very honest, he added that though it’s been some time now since the match has finished but he was still shaking that he had won. He told that the final was so tough, but he started reading the game and in the 2ndleg he managed to score two goals and then defended all the way till the final whistle by keeping possession football. He repeated that he is feeling so proud that he will be representing the club he loves, he said that he cannot ask for anything better than that.

Xbox One Contest

In the parallel universe, it was another all-time die hard Manchester United supporter named Josh Jones who won an intense final with the score of 6-5 over goal machine, Tom Stokes. Josh said that it is never easy to win against Stokes, he has the ability to score at any second, you are never sure what will his new move be. He continued by saying that you can always achieve your goals by believing in yourself and taking your chances.

Paddy Crerand Show was going on nearby on MUTV, and Quinton Fortune visited the No. 7 Suite after getting free to see the event and ex-Manchester United midfielder was impressed by what he saw.

He said that it is a fantastic opportunity for these young players to go on a represent the club they love and cheer for. Players have put in hours of hard work to get to this stage so, it feels so good to meet them personally.