The new update for Dota 2 brings a lot of exciting things for the fans. With the DPC on pause, the developers of the game released a new update that included the new Arcana for Windranger. The shiny new bundle for Windranger includes a completely new hero model. The loadout for the Arcana is also different from the normal hero loadout. The new Arcana also goes with the items and custom animations for Windranger. Moreover, the new Arcana is considered a new mystical style for the hero. 

Arcana’s Description

The new Arcana comes with a description as always. The description for Windranger goes as not even Lyralei understands her connection with the guardian winds. She does not have the memory of her first days but she can listen to whispers of the trees around her. But as she grows older, her connection with the guardian winds get stronger too. 

The Arcana

The new Arcana for Windranger is all about revealing her power of the guardian wind. The Arcana comes with a completely new model. There are items whose animations work differently for the Arcana. Windranger also gets new animations for the Arcana. The major color of the hero is also changed. The new Arcana comes with a glowing blue aura and a breeze surrounding her as she moves. Similarly, the new Arcana also brings new death effects. These effects are applicable for both Windranger and the enemy she takes out. 

Animations and other things

The new Windranger Arcana brings animations for some items as well. To list them, Force Staff and Eul’s Sceptre comes with different animations and icons. There are several new voice lines as well. Around 500 voice lines are added for the new Arcana. A new channel bar is also included. Not just this, the new Arcana also brings new hero assets and even a new unblockable style. The players who secure 2,500,000 focus fire damage with the new Arcana will be able to get the new style for the Arcana. The new style brings autumn feel to the hero. It comes with a different red and orange color. 

The International 10 Battle Pass last Arcana

The new Windranger Arcana is the last Arcana from the TI10 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass now ends on the 19th of September. Players can unlock this new Arcana at 575 level of the Battle Pass. Multiple players have achieved this level of Battle Pass and managed to unlock the new Arcana. The new Arcana is highly likable among the fans. Valve released multiple Arcanas and sets in the current Battle Pass. However, this last Arcana is the most difficult item to achieve in the Bundle. Players are expecting more from Valve, next year to release further Arcanas for different heroes. 

With the release of the new Arcana, Battle Pass 10 comes to an end. Players have contributed enough to the TI 10, and the prize pool for the tournament is already the biggest prize for any esports event.