Esports is currently one of the biggest industries in the world. Millions of people from all over the world are involved in it. At first, not many people were aware of it because of why it had less coverage. But now, esports is considered as a really big thing with teams from all over the world participating in different tournaments. These tournaments serve as a platform where players can come and showcase their skills to the rest of the world. The biggest tournaments are hosted for Valve’s Dota 2, and it seems like an organizer has managed to host the most-watched minor for it.

WePlay! Esports is one of the many organizers that host tournaments for Dota 2. Previously, the organizer wasn’t considered as a really huge one as the tournaments it hosted didn’t manage to bring in a lot of viewers. But now, it seems like things have changed as everyone has been left surprised by the latest results.

Although WePlay only has a few offline tournaments under its name, its name on the list of tournament organizers has shot up. That’s right, Weplay has recently managed to host a tournament that has become the most-watched minor in the history of the Dota Pro Circuit. For those who don’t know, the recently held WePlay: Tug of War Mad Moon tournament managed to bring in 295,00 viewers as its peak, meaning that it achieved about 60% of the viewer counts of previous DPC Majors.

The thing which has left everyone surprised is the number of viewers, This is because of the tournament managed to bring in a lot of viewers even though it was a third-party tournament that was held for five days. In addition to this, there were no DPC stakes and only eight teams were participating in it. Another surprising thing for fans is that the events hosted by WePlay had amazing production despite their small scale. The Bukovel Minor featured a winter-themed atmosphere and was held at the ski resort. On the other hand, the Mad Moon was based on a cyberpunk theme. In addition to this, fans even got to see a custom model of Drow Ranger during it.

One of the biggest reasons why a lot of viewers watched it is the teams. WePlay tournaments became successful because some of the top teams were incited to them. Virtus Pro and Gambit both were present at the tournaments, and their names alone are enough to make everyone go crazy. Another amazing thing about the tournament was that the highest peak viewership wasn’t recorded during the grand finals. Instead, the highest viewership was during Nigma’s matched with Virtus Pro in the lower bracket finals.

The grand finals were held between Nigma and Secret. Although it went full five games, the pace of each game was quick and wasn’t boring. In any case, fans absolutely enjoyed the tournaments and are now looking forward to other tournaments that will be hosted by WePlay.