The fans of Team Nigma are disappointed due to the bad performance of Team Nigma at WePlay! Pushka. The expectations were high from the team as they managed to get a couple of good victories against tier one and tier two before coming to the tournament. However, Team Nigma hasn’t been performing well up to the expectations.

Team Nigma struggles against OG

In their last best of three series, Team Nigma struggled a lot against OG. The main reason behind OG’s victory was their aggressive playstyle and the incompetence of Team Nigma’s drafting strategy. In both the games, OG showed no mercy and absolutely dominated Team Nigma. In the first game of the series, OG didn’t give a breathing room to Team Nigma and continuously forced them to take fights. Due to the lack of the farm on the cores, Team Nigma wasn’t able to stop the impeccable OG’s draft. In the second game, although Miracle- had a good farm on Juggernaut, he still wasn’t able to carry the team on his shoulders.

NiP crushes Team Nigma

Another fan-favorite match was between NiP and Team Nigma where the odds were in the favor of Kuroky and boys. However, again due to the lack of discipline and bad drafting phase, Team Nigma wasn’t able to stop the dominance of NiP’s new roster. They lost the series in a quick fashion 2-0.

Team Liquid vs Former Liquid

Team Nigma had a good start at WePlay! Pushka against Team Liquid. However, it wasn’t enough as Liquid outplayed the whole squad on multiple occasions. Although GH and MC tried to create space for the rest of the team, it wasn’t enough and Liquid took the series 2-1.

Team Nigma secures a victory against OG.Seed

Although Team Nigma has faced three defeats, they managed to get a solid victory against OG.Seed in the best of three series. In the first game of the series, Miracle-’s Phantom Lancer shined against OG.Seed’s squad and Team Nigma was able to secure an easy victory. However, OG.Seed turned Team Nigma’s charm against them. They picked Phantom Lancer in game two and managed to secure the victory against Nigma. In the final game of the series, Team Nigma was all prepared for OG.Seed’s draft and replied to them with Ember Spirit and Ursa core picks.

Fans are disappointed 

Team Nigma fans are disappointed due to bad drafting by Kuroky and the inability of the squad to fight against tier one teams. It seems like the TI7 champions are having a couple of bad tournaments this year. The current patch and meta changes also don’t favor their lineup and playstyle, therefore, it might also be one of the reasons for their underperformance.