WePlay showed no tolerance to the Chinese team, involved in match-fixing. WePlay Esports banned the corrupt team for one year from all of its competitions. The Chinese Dota 2 team Linger will no longer be able to play any WePlay! Esports tournament. 

Omega League

The Omega League for Dota 2 is occurring in different regions of the world. WePlay captured match-fixing in the Asian region of the tournament. The organization suspected match-fixing twice during the whole tournament. However, it could not find anything in the first attempt. WePlay Esports first suspected fixing in the match between Cignal Ultra and Execration. Later on, no instance of match-fixing came out. On the other hand, another investigation for the match between Team Linger and Team DeMonster gave clear signs of match-fixing. The organization found that Team Linger lost the second map of the series, intentionally. They also concluded that several uncommon bets were placed on this outcome. 

The organization banned all five professional players from Team Linger for one year. WePlay or Epic Esports will not allow any of the involved professionals in any tournament. The banned professionals are Yeo ‘TigerCat’ Chun Kiat, Law ‘眼高手低’ Chee Hoong, Wang ‘大猪’ Jie, Hao ‘76561198125784995’ Zeng, and Liew ‘Bee’ Wei Hang. 

WePlay’s reaction

The lead esports manager at WePlay Esports, Vitality ‘Nexius’ Bozhko, talked about match-fixing as this event occurred. He said that in Dota 2, a person can bet for a lot more than just the victory of a certain team. There are several other betting options as well, like which team spilled First Blood, which team lost its first tower. We, Epic Esports, and other tournament organizers stick to the same plan about match-fixing. Our rules say that any attempt to raise money by bets on the results of the game are prohibited. 

The Esports manager at WePlay also said that we receive the biggest help through betting websites to catch match-fixing in a match. If there is any unusual betting taking place, there is reason to believe in foul play. To give a final verdict, we ask professionals to analyze the match’s replay thoroughly and provide their opinions. 

For some players included in match-fixing, one year ban might not be a problem as a lot of players received lifetime bans for participating in match-fixing. However, WePlay claims that a one year ban is for players to learn from their mistakes and have a second chance. 

What’s next?

The Esports manager at WePlay said that we implement a lifetime ban on the players who are already banned from WePlay but keep playing other events in bad faith. We believe in second chances but not in the third. The organization now aims to prevent this not happening again. The manager says that we are in direct communication with ESIC (The Esports Integrity Commission) to increase our networks with more betting websites. Things are back to normal and Omega League moves smoothly without Team Linger.