Cheaters are something that is present in almost every other online game. These players don’t follow the rules and also ruin the gameplay experience of other players. Some of them use software that lets them see through walls and track their enemies, while other types of software allow them to land all of their shots on their target. In any case, these players every ruined a lot of games and give developers a difficult time maintaining the balance of their game. The same is the case with Infinity Ward’s latest battle royale title, Warzone.

Warzone was released a few days ago and the game has instantly managed to become one of the top games out there. In only three weeks, the game has been downloaded by more than 30 million players. This pretty much means that it has been a success for the developers, and these numbers will continue to increase. However, just like many other games, Warzone is also filled with cheaters.

Since the game was released, it has been a target of many hackers. These hackers are using different tricks to get a disadvantage over other players and to get their ranks up quickly. Such players always end up ruining the gameplay experience of anyone who is trying to play the game fairly. However, now that a lot of players have complained about cheaters in Warzone, they have finally revealed how they are handling them.


Considering all the attention Warzone is getting these days, its no surprise that Infinity Ward is trying their best to keep their game playable for everyone. They have been constantly releasing updates for it through which they are adding new content and are addressing various bugs that were present in different sections of the game. And now, Infinity Ward has revealed that they are not tolerating cheaters at all.

In a recent blog post, the developers claimed that there is no place for cheating in Warzone and that they have zero tolerance for cheaters. They also added that maintaining a level and fair playing field is one of their top priorities, and they will do anything to keep that up.

What They Have Done So Far

Since the game was released, the developers have banned around 50,000 players who were caught cheating. They are currently using different programs to combat both cheaters and those who provide cheating programs. They have security teams who are monitoring 24/7 and are investigating all cases that are reported to them. This team reviews all possible cheats and hacks, including aimbots, wallhacks, and many more.

The developers have also revealed that they are working on improving their in-game system for reporting potential cheating. They also claimed that after a report is being made, they carefully investigate the issue. And after the investigation is complete, they work quickly to ban the player caught cheating.

While there is no possible end to cheaters, it is great to see that the developers are working hard on making sure that their game remains safe from them.