Virtus Pro is working on its roster for the last eight months. The team is considered one of the strongest professional Dota 2 team of 2019. Virtus Pro witnessed several successes as they changed their roster and introduced new players to the team. The team officially announced its new coach to join the team, Ivan “ArtStyle” Antonov. 

Previous Run

Virtus Pro decided to change its roster at the beginning of this year. The team officially said goodbye to the former coach Anatoly “boo1k” Ivanov, in March 2020. The team is participating in the tournaments without any coach since that time. Virtus Pro lost its momentum in the last December. The team struggled hard to perform in various tournaments and eventually picked pace around April 2020. Virtus Pro defeated various teams like Team OG, Nigma, Liquid, and secured multiple majors. This brought back the lost form of the team to top the leaderboards once again. 

ArtStyle’s previous run with Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro welcomed the new coach for the team. The general manager of the team Sergey Glamazda said that we are happy to welcome Ivan back into the team. ArtStyle previously served Virtus Pro in its prime time. The General Manager also said that we are expecting a lot from our new coach. He already helped the team to reach the top spots, we are sure that with his experience and understanding, we will improve once again. 

This announcement included ArtStyle’s previous run with Virtus Pro as well. He coached the team during its prime time in 2017 and 2018. Virtus Pro secured multiple major titles in this era like ESL One Hamburg, Katowice, Birmingham, the Bucharest Major. The team also secured the fifth position in both year’s Internationals.  Artstyle left Virtus Pro at the end of the International 2018. The team failed to meet the fans’ expectations during both of the TIs. ArtStyle went to coach for popular Dota 2 CIS region teams like Extremum and Winstrike during his time away from Virtus Pro. 


ArtStyle started his coaching journey in 2016. Before that, he participated in the Pro scene of Dota 2. ArtStyle is one of the legendary squad of Navi who won the first International in 2011. He returned to Team Navi in 2015 but it didn’t work out as planned. 

Virtus Pro in Omega League

Virtus Pro is all set to try out its new roster in the upcoming Omega League. The team changed multiple professionals in the team, including players and the coach. Fans are ready to see the new squad in action as Virtus Pro is participating in the Immortal division of Omega League: Europe. The tournament starts on 14th August. Virtus Pro will face some world-class teams like Evil Geniuses, Team Navi, and Alliance. This tournament is an excellent test for the new roster of Virtus Pro and fans are highly excited about it.