No one would have thought that Vici Gaming would come that far in this year’s DreamLeague Majors. They had entered the event as one of the least favorites. But after an amazing run through the upper bracket they now await an opponent in the Finals of DreamLeague Season 11.

In the group stages, it was Evil Geniuses who managed to beat Vici in the series, other than that Vici outclassed remaining teams of the group namely Chaos Esports Club and Natus Vincere eventually qualifying for the playoffs. There they were matched up against Team Secret, the best team in the world. After a close match Vici made it through to the next round.

In the next round they were tied up against LGD gaming, where Vici used some very untraditional tactics to outdo LGD Gaming 2-1, after a roller-skating win in both of the series, it was Fnatic, a team in red hot form, to play against Vici who came this far after beating the likes of Team Secret, and the new risers Chaos Esports.

The first game of the match was an hour long contest, people following the match saw all the incredible players going up against each other. None of them was going for the kills in particular rather they were more focused on to out-zone the other making the match much more thrilling.

Fnatic had reached the upper bracket finals sweeping aside the likes of Virtus Pro and Keen Gaming quite easily. After they were matched up against Vici, it seemed that they would definitely join EG, Team Secret and Virtus Pro in the history books of Dota 2.

The South East Asian team, Fnatic, pulled away late in favor of the later drafts, a Winter Wyvern for their captain Anucha Jirawong (Jabz), which was their key to win along with the Stolen Aegis which was dominated by Abed Yusop (Abed).

The second game was rather same, Fnatic was dominating the game since the early stages while Vici was trying to get back into the game. Zhang Chenhjun (Paparazi) was the lead behind their mid push which gave Fnatic a lot of ground to bank onto. Paparazi used Terrorblade and was giving some good performances, but he couldn’t do much all on his own.

Much was depending upon Vici’s adhesive team fight abilities, but that too was not working for them and they failed to defend yet another Aegis assault, and this time Pyo (MP) spoiled Vici’s tactics. But Vici somehow managed to win the match in spite of the fact that everything was going against them. They showed real team strength in the team fights.

Just like the last match, and their earlier win against Team Secret, Vici displayed that they have answers to every question that the opponent could ask them for and that display kept on coming. Fnatic had positioned themselves excellently and had a chance to push for an early win bu Vici stood strong and as soon as they got a chance, they counter attacked them meticulously and Fnatic’s buybacks, combos and kills were not enough to keep Vici aback.

After such an emphatic victory, Vici are waiting for the next match between Fnatic and Virtus Pro (in the lower bracket finals) to see who will they be facing in the Grand Finals. VP has won their matches against Team Secret and LGD both, securing their third top spot of the season.