Dota 2 fans have posed themselves this accurate inquiry on numerous events that how does the Juggernaut’s face actually look like? As the notable hero’s veil is fundamental to his character Valve doesn’t appear to be much inspired by really addressing that question. Yet the distributor has consistently been quick to keep fans captivated with Dota 2’s dizziest fighter. 

This has come upon a couple of events before, however, this time around the Battle Pass for The International 10 added some new fuel to that fire.

Cavern Crawl and the Juggernaut

The Cavern Crawl is perhaps the greatest element of the battle passes every year, entrusting players to dominate matches as various diverse legends. There is an assortment of difficulties that finishes utilizing these diverse heroes, normally with the string interfacing them together being the legends’ physical appearance.    

Juggernaut is a piece of a few of these difficulties, however, he is not having “extraordinary specifications” or anything of that sort. Rather, he’s a piece of various provokes identified with his strange face.

Juggernaut being extravagantly unshaven joins Sniper and Phantom Lancer. He also joins Razor and Morphling who have no nose and have terrible teeth similar to Lifestealer and Bloodseeker. As all this has been indicated in the TI10 Battle Pass, it has propelled a few giggles across social networking web sites and fans are coming up with fun arts and memes.

Any revelations in the TI10 battle pass?

So does Juggernaut really resemble that? Or on the other hand, is Valve simply trolling Dota 2 players a smidgen? The appropriate response is most likely more the last than the previous.   

From a carefully strict viewpoint, Juggernaut doesn’t really have a face in the Dota 2 game, he isn’t having a head. Despite the fact that many veiled heroes, for example, Bounty Hunter have a completely rendered face behind their cover that is visible when the game bugs out and evacuates portions of character models, when Juggernaut’s cover vanishes, just a protuberance with eye attachments remains.

From a legend’s viewpoint, it’s entirely conceivable that Juggernaut doesn’t have a face. Different media has suggested Juggernaut’s veil being an expansion of his body or an otherworldly association with his predecessors. 

The Bladeform Legacy Arcana for Juggernaut drifts around the possibility of his veil being broken, with the depiction being “Yurnero’s cover has been cut in two, arousing the old spirits that once laid torpid inside it. These spirits have gotten one with Yurnero, giving him both the knowledge and fierceness of his precursors.”