Just a few days ago, Valve removed one of the finest broadcasters, Grant. Valve pulled him down due to the sexual harassment charges upon him. Another master Dota 2 commentator, TobiWan has been brought down by Valve as he received the same charges against him as well. Tobi was considered one of the most successful commentators in the Dota 2 community. Due to the charges against him, Beyond the Summit fired him, Code Red Esports also cut the ties with him, and Valve has removed his voice lines from the International Battle Pass 10. 

How did he get into the Scene?

As Evil Geniuses fired Grant because of the sexual harassment charges against him, Tobi totally stood with the decision and asked men to learn from Grant’s situation. However, most of the Dota 2 community females fired back and started posting about TobiWan as well. Many women posted that they had been warned about Tobi and his behavior.

The first female to post against Tobi was Meruna, a very well known cosplayer and also the girlfriend of well-known Dota 2 streamer “Synderen”. The fact that TobiWan and Synderen have been considered the best duo for Dota 2 commentary is heartbreaking as Synderen refused to work with Tobi in the future. Meruna also said that she did not disclose this information about Tobi to Synderen from the last 8 years. 

Tobi’s Response

In response to all the allegations Tobi faced, he Tweeted twice. Although he deleted his first Tweet after some time, in the second Tweet he explained the whole story and tried to apologize to the women who filed charges against him. However, after his second Tweet, the community closed all the doors for forgiveness and replied by removing him for all the scenes. Valve decided to remove all his voice lines in the International 10 Battle Pass. Valve also gave the developer the right to remove all the old lines he had in the game as well. On the other hand, Code Red and BTS also refused to welcome him anymore.

Other Stories

A lot of people also pointed out other incidents of harassment by TobiWan. Some Tweets pointed to the 2012 broadcast by Tobi in an all-female StarLadder Tournament where he constantly made sexual comments on the stars and dragged them throughout the show. Tobi took action on this post and included this incident in his apology as well. 

Another story shared by Meruna caught the attention of the community where she explained how Tobi slut-shamed the current chief strategy officer at Alliance, KellyMilkies. Meruna also explained how the community dragged the woman ever since. 

The Community

The Dota 2 community is just getting aware of how difficult it is for a woman to survive in this industry. A lot of women are now speaking for their rights as the community is totally supporting them Moreover, famous streamers like Synderen and Cap are also raising their voices against the offenders to make a difference.