Valve finally listens to the Dota 2 fans and tries to crack down the smurfs, account boosters, and the toxicity in the game. The organization is ready to follow the implementation of the system like that of Overwatch. The system is not going to follow Blizzard’s shooter strategy. However, it is going to be like CS: GO’s old system. Valve will now hand over the control to the experienced and qualified players of the community to look over the reports of player toxicity. 

The New System

Overwatch first took out this mechanism of handling cheating or toxicity in the game, in 2013. Currently, Overwatch gives CSGO’s experienced players a chance to upload the clips where they think a chance of cheating exists. Valve also hires some ‘Investigators’ in that matter. Instead of Valve to respond to any clip by the pros, the investigators will look into them to act upon. The whole system works on an anonymous base where no one can find out the actual report viewer or punishment provider. Valve hopes that this way, at least the in-game behavior of the players will definitely change and there will be less scrutinizing. 

CSGO’s Overwatch

CSGO’s Overwatch system is more focused on catching in-game cheating, rather than the toxicity. The system provides penalties according to the player’s conduct. Players with a griefing attitude receive a minor hit. However, the system removes the cheaters from the game for eternity.

As Valve is going to follow the same procedure in Dota 2, this system might just get into the game. However, Valve has not yet released any news about how the organization would start installing the system. 

Valve’s Response

In an official post related to this scenario, Valve says that we are working on an Overwatch Style System to minimize the toxicity and bad behaviors of the players in-game. The latest update in Dota 2 will bring the feature in-game. However, we are not yet ready to share any more information about this matter. 

Valve also says that the organization has improved its system to catch the smurfs in the game. The organization says that from now on, smurfs accounts will only be able to find matches against other smurfs. That means that matchmaking will separate the smurfs at first hand. Valve says that the company is working on providing the accurate MMR rank to the players with new accounts. There are a lot of things still to be done. However, we are halfway there. 

Valve also talks about the account boosters in the post. The officials say that Valve provides a permanent ban to more than 14,000 Dota 2 accounts in just 30 days. This trend is going to move forward in the game and if Valve catches any account booster in the game, he receives a permanent ban to his ID.

With Valve listening to fans and bringing up some solutions to remove the toxicity from Dota 2, the community is extremely happy.