The International is one of the biggest Esports events for the whole year. Each year, Valve organizes The International which breaks the record for viewership, prize pool, and other factors. There are very few tournaments that come close to the scale of The International for Dota 2. 


Esports industry witnessed a high rise during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the retired esports players joined the scene back. Staying at home helped the games make more money during the pandemic. However, all the events and big tournaments were canceled due to the plague. Even the biggest tournament for Dota 2, “The International 10”, also canceled due to the pandemic. Valve removed the dates for the TI10 this year. Fans predicted that the tournament will be shifted to next year. However, Valve recently announced that the new dates for the TI10 will be released very soon. 

Valve’s Announcement

Valve made this announcement through the official Twitter account of Dota 2. The announcement came out on the 25th of August, 2020. According to the announcement, the unpredictability that COVID-19 generates, holds back Valve from releasing a final TI10 date. Valve says that it is still impossible to confirm the tentative dates for the TI. Valve delayed TI10 back in April. This happened when all the COVID-19 action started. The organization delayed the event for an undefined time. However, Valve and Dota 2 now promise that the event’s dates will be released soon. It seems pretty clear that the current situation will stop Valve from releasing the dates soon. 

Omega Gamers

Valve has chosen these days to update the fans about the potential dates for the TI10. The reason behind this is because each year, The International takes place at this time of the year. Each year, TI takes place in August, and Valve updated the fans due to this. It is sad how the fans enjoyed the Omega Gamers as the back-to-back Champions of Dota 2 on this very day, last year. Unfortunately, we have to say that due to the pandemic, we cannot even witness the digital version of the TI. However, multiple organizations like Riot Games came out with a solution. Riot Games have found a way to digitize the competition with the LEC and LCS. 

What’s next?

Valve and Dota 2 are working days and nights to overcome the pandemic issues and come up with a final date. As the situation about the plague around the world improves, Valve moves further towards the biggest tournament. Fans are waiting for the event and keep an optimistic approach about the release dates to be announced very soon. Until then, you have all the time to utilize the Battle Pass to its full extent. You can achieve multiple milestones in the Battle Pass and receive plenty of worthy gifts. If you are waiting for Valve to release the official dates for the TI10, stay tuned as we all are anxious to know it.