Team known for its aggressive playing style, TNC Predator arrives at The International 2018 with the difficult mission to win the title.


TNC Predator is the Esports team of coffee network. The company organized smaller events and tournaments in its coffee shops for some time, but decided to take a step forward by investing in the competitive electronic sports. The impressive side TNC Pro Team was created in 2013, which in three months, after internal problems, ended its participation in Dota 2.

TNC Predator

Credits: TNC Pro Team

The comeback

The competitive side of TNC in 2015 returned with the announcement of a new line up. This time the team achieved a series of quite impressive regional results as the 4th place in the qualifiers of The International (TI) 5 in Southeast Asia.

As early as 2016, the team participated in its first The International, where it impressively secured a 7th / 8th place.

Line up

  • Marc ” Raven ” Polo
  • Armel ” Armel ” Paul
  • Samson ” Sam_H ” Solomon
  • Timothy ” Tims ” John
  • Carlo ” Kuku ” Palad

TNC Predator Season Statistics

  • Games : 137
  • Wins : 81
  • Defeats : 56
  • Win %: 59.12%

The team likes to play Tiny, Terrorblade and omniknight. They hate playing against Night Stalker, Nyx Assassin and Lycan. They also show no hesitation in playing Huskar every now and then. So they know how to surprise teams with their usual but impressive drafting.

TNC Predator

Credits: JoinDOTA

At the initial stages of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) season, many considered TNC Predator as one of the strongest teams in the Southeast Asian region. However, the results didn’t go as expected. Mineski and Fnatic teams, with their star lineup of the Dota 2, proved that the SEA region would not be dominated by the TNC. However, the team still achieved good results at the start of the season.

At the end of January, the team went through a few changes: Sivatheeban ” 1437 ” was replaced by Armel ” Armel ” Tabios, and former midlaner Carlo “Kuku” moved to the role of supp 5 and captain. The changes did not shake the team’s performance. Even in the period of adapting to the roster changes, they achieved respectable results including the 4th place in the Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018 ( Major ). The team also secured 2nd place in the MDL Macau ( Minor ).

The International 2018

The performance of TNC Predator shows that the team has the talent and potential to compete with other top teams. Even after a season of uncertainty, the TNC side arrives at The International as a team that can not be overlooked. Placing the bet on a possible TNC Predator placement on TI8 will be difficult. But it is the moment of the decision for the team to produce good results.

TNC have also been amongst the most unpredictable teams. They have the ability to beat the best Dota 2 teams on their day with their impressive drafting. No team in TI can be taken for granted.