We have looked at the items of the hero, let’s have a look at how the ability come in play of the surge in popularity of the hero:

Choice of skills

How to select the skills of Chaos Knight, the truth is something quite chaotic. There is not a selection that repeats significantly, players maximize their skills up to level 7 differently, depending on the situation. So for you we will review each and every one of the options.

The Chaos Bolt is usually picked up early when Chaos Knight wants to get kills, especially on those enemies who are very mobile. Although it is not recommended to maximize this skill since it would have to be the support heroes that provide the necessary skills to stun the enemies. What Chaos Knight and most “cores” need is damage and speed of collection, especially at the start of the game.

Maximizing the Reality rift means looking for very effective team fights or ambushes , before the enemies have the Black King Bar. The ability has a good range, comes with a 3 seconds slow duration, in addition to reducing the movement and the attack speed of the enemy is also reduced. The ability comes with a cooldown of 5 seconds on level 4. This makes Chaos Knight very powerful without his ultimate ability. With Reality RIft, Chaos is able to create space for the other lanes and heroes so that the full weight of the ame does not fall on him.

Last but not least is the option to improve the Chaos Strike, currently the most popular and probably successful choice in high-level public games. It improves the speed of  farming and the nuke damage of the hero, it is the best choice for picking up quick kills. If the enemy does not have supports nearby, then an easy kill is achieved by jumping with Reality Rift and the ultimate.

Knowing the talents

As for the talents, picking up stats in the first 15 levels should be your priority. The illusions need to survive as long as possible and the 400 health that the level 10 gives with with +5 to all attributes with level 15, picking up the +15 strength, can make a huge difference.

Depending on the situation, at level 20 the +150 gold per minute latent is a wise choice, especially if you go a little behind, it might give you the gold boost to recover, although the Reality Rift piercing magical immunity is usually very effective . As for level 25, the +2 seconds maximum duration of the Chaos Bolt is a very good choice to do more damage and to insta kill the enemy support’s during fights, although picking up -2s  Chaos Strike cooldown talent is a popular choice as well.


In the current meta, the strength cores usually have a better start, added to the ability to play proactively while the rival agility “core” is still collecting is a great advantage. With luck, Chaos Knight and Lifestealer will not be the only force heroes destined to reappear in the current meta