The Knight of Chaos has been one of the heroes most benefited after Update 7.21 of Dota 2 . This has been noted in the percentage of victories , ranking amongst the most popular  heroes, . The Knight hold over 54% win rate in public games of Divine rank (more than 5K of MMR). Becoming a popular choice among professional players. Let’s see the reasons for his sudden resurgence.

One of the reasons is quite clear, the hero has received numerous  buffs in the last few patched. While the game Meta was slowed down enough to let Chaos sneak into it. But for Chaos Knight to work in public games it is necessary to exploit the hero’s strengths. In the 7.20 update we have seen a clear predominance of Terrorblade. He was one of the most picked heroes to win the games because he was able to take objectives extremely fast and farming tons of gold in a very small time. Such dominance was displayed by the hero, despite having a rather high cooldown of his ability Metamorphosis.

Then we have Chaos Knight, unable to do everything mentioned above. His farming speed is much slower compared to other heroes, pressing the towers is also quite difficult if he does not have his ultimate ability available, since the increased damage does not affect structures. But it has another series of characteristics that make it viable. Let’s see what they are:

So many Items for the Knight

There are numerous options for Chaos Knight right now. Many players are still betting on the Armlet of Mordiggian, some prefer to secure the mid stage of the game with an early pick of Hand of Midas. While others try to rush to get the Echo Saber to have mana and slightly more damage.


Although with the redesign of Chaotic Strike, the Echo Saber is dispensable because the ability already guarantees a critical hit every 4 seconds. The Mordiggian Bracelet or the Hand of Midas would be the first purchase after the Power Boots . Everything will depend on the first minutes in the laning phase. Keep in mind that the Hand of Midas is not an item of damage but offers +40 attack speed, something that many heroes of force lack.

Power Threads

As the game progresses, it is best to buy items that give strength, since the idea is to maximize the damage and survival of the illusions of Chaos Knight. For this reason, the Heart of Tarrasque is a very good option, although in most of the games it will be necessary to buy a Black King’s Wand or the Manta Style to be really effective.

Interestingly, the Blink Dagger is now less popular than it was before in this hero, but it is difficult to justify spending 2k gold on an item that does not help to press or collect. Their is so much gold to be farmed on the map and getting a dagger is not a wise choice. Instead Hand Of Midas offers so much more, with it you can get the jump in levels and get to the 150+ gold talent fast.

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