The meta game has not stopped changing over the years in Dota 2, and even more so when it is considered one of the best balanced electronic sports in the world . We just have to look at their incredible statistics to see that practically 100% of the heroes are played in competitive tournaments, both the official circuit by points implemented by Valve and The International , the annual World Cup of Dota 2. And we ask ourselves, which ones Are the best heroes in the middle lane of the game?

It is a complicated question, especially when any hero in the position that works in Dota 2. Many factors influence the data to be taken into account, such as the goal, the Meta or the professional players themselves. For example, Brewmaster and Nightstalker had their moment of popularity that they have lost for some reason.

Most picked heroes

According to some statistical sources and reddit, Queen of Pain has been the most chosen hero to play in the middle lane. The queen has around 3,000 competitive games, a surprising number if we take into account that she has been out of the meta for quite some time and players like Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan practically do not play it.

Somewhere behind Queen of Pain we have Puck with over 2,600 professional games . Although the difference is remarkable, Puck still stands above other heroes such as Outworld Devourer, Dragon Knight and Shadow Fiend.

When we go further down the ladder, we have Death Prophet with over 2,100 games . It is a hero who has been in the Meta very often in the past, almost as much as Queen of Pain.

The heroes with the highest victory rate

We already have the figures about the most chosen heroes, now let’s see how effective those selections are and let’s know those who have a higher percentage of victories than the rest in the middle position.

There is only one hero, with a clearly positive victory rate and it is Templar Assassin with over 54%. The hero is not one of the most popular choices of the meta, but precisely because of that, due to its situationality, Templar Assassin is really effective when she is drafted.

Shadow Fiend follows with 51% wins . This hero has been one of the favorites and has always had his moment of glory in the duels 1 vs 1 in between. Despite being almost 4% below Templar Assassin, his situational nature also makes Shadow Fiend one of the most successful heroes in terms of victories. PSG.LGD player, Lu “Somnus” Yao has 135 wins with Shadow Fiend and Artour “Arteezy” Babaev has won 64 of the 87 games he has played with him in recent years.

Below we have Outworld Devourer with a 50.78% victory. OD would be the only hero who is in the two lists, among the most chosen and with the highest percentage of victories. Something that draws particular attention, being a fairly situational hero.