Each year, Valve releases a Battle Pass for its biggest tournament of the year, The International. With 25% of the money spent on the Battle Pass by the gamers, Valve sets a prize pool for the tournament. Before the tournament, Valve introduces a battle pass level bundle so people can buy levels easily at short prices. This year, as The International is not promised yet, the Battle Pass still came out and so did the level bundle. Valve has released this bundle so people can buy some certain levels for reduced prices. 

Inside the Level Bundle

Every year, the bundle brings exciting offers as well as battle levels. However, this year’s bundle brings the most surprises. The bundle will provide 120 battle levels to the fans, six Immortal Treasure II items, nine Immortal Treasure I items, and three Immortal Treasure III items. All of this is available for just $29.99. Valve claims that this year’s bundle price is so less that you can save up to 75% of the money if these things were to be bought normally. 


Valve has set the deadline for the purchase of the bundle till June 29 morning. Just like each year, Valve will not bring back the bundle offer as the deadline overs. It is highly recommended that if you are planning to grab some battle levels at a cheaper price, this is the only week for you. Moreover, Valve has set the purchase limit for each user to 2. This actually means that you can buy this bundle twice and not more than that. So, if you were thinking about reaching 1000 levels by purchasing the cheapest bundle, you would be disappointed.

Levels and Rewards

Although all the rewards are available at levels higher than 120, you can still receive a lot of benefits. If you buy one bundle, you will receive 120 battle levels and by just 40 more, you will be able to unlock the Divine Terrain Item. Similarly, if you purchase two bundles, you will get 240 levels and by just 15 more, you can unlock the Toy Butcher Persona for Pudge. 

Besides this, if you are aiming to get some arcana sets, you need to spend a little more and buy more levels as the first Arcana set is the One True King for Wraith King. This arcana is available at 375 battle level. Two more fierce arcana sets like Queen of Pain and Windranger cost battle levels 445 and 575 respectively. 

Prize Pool

Every year, Valve releases the battle bundle to boost up the prize pool for The International. As of this year, the bundle was released at the prize pool of $16,073,759 and we can easily expect that it will increase a few million over the weekend. The International 10 prize pool is on its way to break all the previous records as Valve has increased the deadline of the Battle Pass and the bundle is also online.