The International 2019 is all set to be held in August and it will be one of the biggest Esports events of this year for sure. Since the event was first announced, many fans have been wondering how big the prize pool of this year’s event will be. And now, it seems like we finally know what amount we can expect to see in the ninth edition of The International.

The International 2019 Current Prize Pool

Recently, it was revealed that the prize pool of The International 9 has surpassed $15 million in just three weeks. Not only this, but the Dota 2 Prize Pool Tracker has also noted that this is an 839.18 percent increase from last year’s event. The most interesting thing about this is that Valve has only released the first wave of the exclusive add-ons, and the prize pool has increased to such a great number. This means that the rise is not going to slow down anytime soon.

The Amount Will Keep on Increasing

For those who don’t know, Valve has been busy putting some new content in Dota 2’s battle pass, something which has resulted in a lot of players spending more money in the game. The developers have also added the Immortal Treasure in the current Battle Pass. For those who don’t know, the Immortal Treasure is an event-exclusive item that can be obtained only during some major events. The item basically contains some custom ability items, effects, and animations, something which many Dota 2 players love.

As people are buying more things, the prize pool of The International 9 is increasing. The exciting thing is that this is only the start as Valve is yet to add a lot more content to the battle pass. At the moment, the prize pool has reached $15,025,836. The current prize pool is made up of the $13,426,836 that Valve made through purchases from TI9’s battle pass, and the $1.6 million that is the starting prize pool of every International event.

Final Prize Pool Predictions

For those who don’t know, The International 8 had a prize pool of around $25.5 million, which made it the biggest prize pool in Esports history. And now, as this year’s event is expected to be bigger and better than the previous one, fans are expecting the prize pool to reach around $28-30 million. Given the recent rise in the battle pass’ purchases, it won’t be long before this target is achieved. However, only time will tell what the upcoming edition of The International is going to offer.

The International 2019 is confirmed to be held from August 15thtill 25th. For the first time in the history of The International, the ninth edition will be held in China at the Mercedes-Benz Arena located in Shanghai. In any case, fans all over the world are really looking forward to the event as they want to see how their favorite team is going to perform this time.