The battle begins! The competing teams at the biggest competition od Dota 2, have been grouped up to fight for the ultimate prize in a few hours. Apart from the lion’s share of $ 24 million prize pool, the sides will be fighting for the Aegis of Immortality at The International 2018. However, at the end of the group stage on Sunday, we will see two teams making an early exit from the competition.

The analysts, players, and the commentators have made their way to Vancouver. Some of the stars of the teams have given interviews, regarding their mindset before the big day. With just hours remaining, we will let you have a comprehensive insight into the format and the teams classified for the group stages.

The International 2018

Credits: EsportsRank

The format of The International 2018 is same as it was last year. The group stage will get the competition started, where 18 competitors have been distributed in two groups. The best of two matches will be played in the group stages. On Sunday we will see the end of this stage and the two teams with the least number of wins will leave The International 2018. The four best teams will go to the upper bracket, while the remaining four will drop down to the lower bracket.

In the playoffs, the teams will play double elimination matches. While the teams in the lower bracket will play BO1 matches in the first round. So, no team would want to gamble on the prize pool of more than $ 24 million.

Group A

Winstrike have made it to The International 2018 after defying all the odds. However, they are certainly in the group of death. They will face Liquid and LGD in their first two games, which will not favor the teams’ chances of qualifying. However, we just cannot take the middle tier teams out of the equation since every year we see shocking results.

OG has made it to The International 2018 after a very impressive performance so they will be no pushovers. Mineski made it after defeating some of the best teams in the qualifiers. Lastly, the team of Fnatic is a mystery to everyone as they manage to silence the critics and qualified for The International. They could shock the world with this mystery lineup as they did back in TI6.

Group B

Yaroslav “NS” Kuznetsov one of the most talented from CIS immediately designated this group as “tooo ezz” for VP has every reason to cruise to the upper bracket as they have beaten most of the teams in their group multiple times this year. So we don’t have to worry about VP’s qualification to the upper bracket. However, the remaining teams will be looking to make their mark and will be aiming to qualify for upper bracket.

The International 2018

Credits: EsportsRank

The inexperienced teams like paiN and Serenity, which many consider outsiders, could prove to be the dark horses. They have made it this far and they could finish at a decent spot come to the end of The International 2018.