We have around two weeks until the greatest Dota 2 event, The International 2018 kicks off. So, with no other competitions to follow, let’s have a look at some predictions. The focus of today’s topics is look at some of the options from the “Teams” tab of The International 2018 Compendium, so let’s get started.

Every member of the Dota 2 community knows that it is quite hard to make predictions at TI. Upsets are bound to happen every year but we can predict some of the outcomes by applying comprehensive Dota knowledge. Quite synonymous to real life betting, you have to do educate yourself before making compendium predictions. In this article, we have done some of the work for you.

Which team will win?

It goes without saying that there are three main contenders this year:Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro and PSG.LGD. So, picking any one of these teams in The International 2018 Compendium is a smart choice. These teams have been dominant throughout the season and have every right to take home the title.

The International 2018 Compendium

Credits: Dota 2 Instagram

Team with highest average kills

In this category, we need to find a team that will play longer games than the average game length. The teams that prefer taking kills over objectives across the map. We shouldn’t take the best teams in this category since those teams will want to end their games faster and have less time to take the kills. We need a middle tier team in this category which has a habit of taking games to great lengths and taking a lot of kills in the process.

Recently, Summit 9 took place and one team that took their games to great lengths and got a lot of kills in the process was Fnatic.

Credits: Fnatic

Fnatic has the highest kill average in the competitive season so far and they have a habit of pushing their games late. However, another team that is a middle tier and can surprise the crowd is Pain Gaming. They have taken their matches to great lengths in qualifiers and have the potential to surprise everyone. So, both the teams can be the potential winners as far as highest average kills in The International 2018 Compendium are concerned.

Team with most assists in a game

When looking into this category, we should try to find a side that has a habit of taking 5v5 team fights instead of split pushing the lanes. The team that applies tactics like these should get the most assist in one game.

In the 2017-2018 season TNC Predator, Mineski, and Vici Gaming had the highest average of taking assists. So we should see these teams fighting for this spot at TI. TNC should come out on top since they have a reputation for playing some exceptional Dota. They love to take team fights and are in no hurry to end their games. They just love to play.

The International 2018 Compendium

Credits: Dota 2 Instagram

We have pulled out Vici Gaming and Mineski since both of these teams have an aging lineup. Their squad is disciplined and would keep their strategies simple. The players on both teams would love to finish the games as soon as possible at The International.