Only days after the Battle pass was released and the prize pool subsidized by the fans for The International 10 Dota 2 competition commenced. The prize pool has hit $10 million at a record pace.

It took no time to achieve the $10 million mark, beating the record from the previous year by very nearly an entire 24 hours. This implies the prize pool is right now poised to enhance the record $34,330,068 prize pool structure a year ago.

In any case, there is no news on to what extent the subsidizing drive will keep going for, hence, the pace of the prize pool increments are really unimportant.

It will bring about an enormous prize pool that would effectively be the biggest in esports history because the event has been pushed into 2021. And ordinarily, crowdfunding goes on until the last day of The International i.e. end of August. But now we could see the prize pool exaggerating till the remainder of the year, to say the least.

The new features

Fans have been buying the battle pass at record levels, for the most part, because of the unfathomable features and beautifiers that have been incorporated with the current year’s release. The new Guilds feature got numerous individuals energized, as they are at last ready to join similar networks inside the game. In any case, some have been utilizing the component to open others to supremacist language and sexual pictures. 

Additionally included with the battle pass are three new arcanas, one for Queen of Pain, one for Windranger and one for Wraith King, which transforms him once more into his unique Skeleton King structure from numerous years back. Arcanas are the most outwardly amazing and important beauty care products in the realm of Dota, so having the option to open three of them through the battle pass is causing record spending.

New Persona and new terrains

Anti-Mage and Pudge have additionally been given another persona for the owners of the battle pass. Alongside an entire host of other corrective things for different heroes. Another terrain for the map has additionally been included, and the notorious voice lines from iconic moments in Dota esports history have likewise returned. 

While it is not yet clear to what extent the fight pass will keep going for. However,  there is an excellent possibility that the prize pool for The International will beat the past cycle. Regardless of whether the crowdfunding time frame just goes on until the standard finish of August time span at the present pace the prize pool would, in any case, beat that of TI9.