The International Battle Pass 10 has brought so many surprises for Dota 2 fans. Several Arcanas and Personas are being shared gradually. As promised, the genderswapped Persona for Anti-Mage is now live in the International Battle Pass and BP owners can get it. The persona is one of its kind and totally replaces the old model and design of the hero. 

How to get the Persona?

Any Dota 2 player with Battle Pass can have access to the persona. There are some terms and conditions for it. You can only claim the genderswapped Persona for Anti-Mage if your Battle Pass level is 305. Once you reach this level, you can get this Persona and can equip it. 

What are the Changes?

The Persona has been introduced to the community with a background story. The female version has been trained by the original Anti-Mage and is given the name Wei. Valve has given it a completely new hero portrait, Mini-map portrait, and Top-bar portrait. This means, that all the players in the game will be able to see the new Persona from the top-bar, mini-map, and on the map. Just like any other Persona Valve has introduced, this will also receive special treatment.

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Valve has added some new animations as well. These animations are different from the original Anti-Mage. There are numerous other additions as well. The most exciting part is the hero lines’ versatility to the Persona. Valve has added around 900 voice lines with several animations.

Gameplay Changes and much more

If you claim the Anti-Mage persona through Battle Pass, no gameplay changes will take place. The hero will have all the same abilities as before. However, multiple new animations will be available to make the owner of the Persona feel special. 

For the Battle Pass 10, it is the last Persona to come out. However, multiple new Arcanas are still to come. Similarly, some of the amazing treasures and sets are also waiting for you. The International Battle Pass 10 brought these Personas and Arcanas. At first, Pudge’s Persona at level 255, Anti-Mage Persona at level 305, Wraith King Arcana at level 375, Queen of Pain Arcana at level 445, and eventually Windrager Arcana at level 575. 

The Baseline

Although the whole hero’s appearance has been changed, the moniker still remains the same. The new Anti-Mage Persona still hates the magic and there are several voice-lines that curses the magic. 

After the release of the treasure, Valve has eventually released the most waited Persona of the season. Fans are really loving it as a lot of people are buying the levels to reach the point where they can claim the Persona. Although Valve has said that there will not be anymore Personas from the International Battle Pass 10, we can expect a lot of new surprises all the time as Valve is making this season the best of all.