It could be said that we are almost at the halfway mark of the official competitive circuit for Dota 2 points. Two Minors and two Majors have already been held, the next two will be held next March and the last two will be announced shortly, although through some leaks we know that one of the will be in Paris. In this article, we will review the teams and regions.

Team Secret, the best current team

The European team deservedly earned this title. The EU side leads the classification table and is the first organization, together with Virtus Pro, which has won the spot for The International 9 . So far this season, they won most of the tournaments they have competed in. They started with the PVP Esports Championships, followed by the ESL One Hamburg and the Major of Chongqing, and although they did not win the Kuala Lumpur Major, they still made it to the grand finals.

But it’s not just the impressive trophy collection that makes Team Secret the best team in the world today, but how quickly they adapt to the new patches and their admirable performances against opponents like Team Liquid. In the DreamLeague Major Europe qualifiers, in addition to getting the place, the domination they showed over the International 7 World Champion was terrifying.

Both teams are among the best teams in the world of Dota 2, but Team Secret seems to be at a higher level. Today, Virtus Pro is one of the few teams that can win the team led by Clement “Puppey” Ivanov. Soon we will see them in action in the DreamLeague Major next March.

North America and its three teams

While in the other regions there is a fight to the death for the spots that give access to the Major, it seems that North America is the most stable region of the competitive circuit of Dota 2. The same three teams qualified for the Major of Kuala Lumpur, the Major of Chongqing and the next DreamLeague Major in Stockholm. The only difference is that the order in which the teams were classified has changed.

But Evil Geniuses, J.Storm and Forward Gaming are the strongest teams in their region. The rest of the teams like Team Team, Compexity Gaming or Flying Penguins are not stable enough to threaten this trio. The changes of players and their performance are a big problem for the second level teams in North America.

What about China?

In China we have EHOME, which has proved to be a clear threat to the teams in this region. In the first two tournaments of the circuit the sided did not manage to qualify, but after that the side was proclaimed champion of the Minor of Bucharest , EHOME has not lowered the level. They finished fifth in the Major of Chongqing and now they have just achieved second place for the DreamLeague Major.